Cleanse your body, shift your vibration, transform your life

Cleanse your body.
Shift your vibration.
Transform your life.

Neutralize microbes metals and toxins using a Tesla-based PEMF delivery system and a powerful app, BetterGuide, and get your life back. 


Why we combined scientifically proven tech to create the first customized, PEMF wellness device for home use.


It brought our family back to wellness after years of suffering from Lyme.

AmpCoil is for everyone who wants a chance to live better. When our founders Aaron and Geneva Bigelow started their healing journey 12 years ago, they believed Lyme disease was going to be part of their lives forever…

It gives hope to those who suffer and supports anyone’s wellness journey.

Whether you’re seeking wellness, longevity or optimal performance, AmpCoil will deliver. It restores bioterrain by oxygenating cells, improving mineralization, and balancing pH to enhance microcirculation...


Bright Future for Lyme

You can now reduce the symptoms of Lyme: manage pain, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and improve focus. Watch AmpCoil Founder Aaron Bigelow discuss his Lyme disease and his drive and vision to overcome his symptoms.


The AmpCoil combines the right technology to cleanse the body and support nutrition and organ systems on a cellular level.

AmpCoil is a modern wellness tool, combining a powerful PEMF delivery system and an app, called BetterGuide.

BetterGuide utilizes voice analysis biofeedback to determine the customized tones your body is asking for, then plays these frequencies back into the body, emitting them deep into the cells. The result is that the human biology quickly begins to return to the balanced and harmonized state that nature intended. 

From left: PEMF delivery system (goldmodified Tesla coil), BetterGuide app - Bioresonance + frequency programs + Biofeedback (tablet), Sound amplifier (device on floor)

From left: PEMF delivery system (goldmodified Tesla coil), BetterGuide app - Bioresonance + frequency programs + Biofeedback (tablet), Sound amplifier (device on floor)


Safe. Simple. Made for everyone

AmpCoil is made for home use for the entire family whatever the age with no adverse side effects, pills or waiting times. This system takes absolutely no effort other than turning it on.

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  • I have been using an Ampcoil for about 3 or 4 months and have found the outcome pretty remarkable. I have several clients I have used it with that have severe depression and if we run the “Positivity Journey”, they can move through their day in ways that they haven't been able to for quite some time.
    — Carrie Uselman
  • I met my partner about a year and a half ago and she informed me that she had her 20 year old son living at home, suffering from Lyme disease. The AmpCoil was discovered and what a difference it made for him in a short period of time. Seeing him start to experience life, having friendships, working again, being a social butterfly.
    — Joe Lindsay
  • I have had the AmpCoil several months and I came from a place of having migraines two or three times a week. I am now able to function normally and go about my day and not be stuck in a room, in the house, for hours and days. Actually my whole entire being has really changed.
    — Lynelle Wampler
  • I was having long term migraine headaches. A friend of mine gave me one treatment with the AmpCoil. Within a few hours the headache disappeared and it was gone for two weeks. I had another session over a month ago and the headache has not come back.
    — Paul Doyan
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