Benefits of choosing AmpCoil over other options

Comfortable– Home use. Less driving.

Cost Savings– Cut back on other health care spending.

Effective– Penetrates into the cells and crosses the blood-brain barrier. 

Peaceful– Silent vibration with no noise and only pure silent tones.

Customized– Guides you to the tones your body is asking for to cleanse microbes, metals and toxins or tune organs.

Biofeedback Voice Analysis– Brings you education and clarity so you can move forward.

Restorative– Nutrition and organ support for rejuvenation.

Prioritizes– Tones that your body is asking for are listed in order of priority.

Noninvasive– No skin puncture or harmful radiation.

Reduce Stress– On a cellular and organ level the body relaxes.

Deep Penetration– Hollow organs are reached, which are inaccessible using many other devices.

Wide Range of Use– From sports injuries to headaches and toxicity to lowering stress.

For Everyone– Family members of all ages - customized for unique family member needs.

Tesla technology– Modified Tesla coil PEMF delivery

Herxheimer Support– Programs are designed to minimize uncomfortable cleansing reactions.

User-friendly– Easy learning curve. No prior knowledge necessary.

Portable– Carry-on size for travel.