Beta Test Program for the AmpCoil dedicated tablet
and BetterGuide update


Welcome to the Beta Test Program for the AmpCoil dedicated tablet and BetterGuide update.

The test will take 13 days including break days. The beta test consists of rejuvenating journeys only. Your tablet has been loaded with the most current BetterGuide update (or above).


Follow these steps:


During the Beta Test

  • Be sure you are not in the middle of a cleanse when you begin beta testing. Finish your cleanse, and then begin.

  • From your new tablet TEST to be sure your coil is working properly. Sound check should provide faint audible tones; this shows that the amplifier is working. To test if your coil is producing magnetics (which carry the tones to your body), place a light metal object i.e. bolt, necklace, etc. near the center of the coil and feel for vibration.

  • ONLY use the dedicated AmpCoil tablet during the 2 weeks of Beta Testing.

  • ONLY use BetterGuide version and above

  • ONLY use the designated cord that came with the AmpCoil tablet.

  • ONLY use a 2.0 device with a 2.0 coil (devices and coils purchased after 10/2017)

  • ONLY play journeys outlined in Beta Test instructions with ‘Break’ days as outlined.

  • Change no current habits including supplements, additional therapies, etc.

  • Provide feedback at the end of each day of Beta Testing (total 9 days) using the link under the Feedback Form below.

  • ONLY use the pre-set volumes*: “General” or “Gentle”. Do not manually adjust the volume.


*If you use General use volume and you experience any sensitivities after your session such as a prickly sensation or over stimulation (amped-up), then temporarily switch to the Gentle volume. If you have a history of known significant electrical sensitivities or are dose-sensitive (for example: you take half the dose of medication or supplements with the same effect as full dose), then also begin by temporarily using the Gentle volume setting.

Note: As you continue to coil on the Gentle volume, you may shortly find yourself ready to coil at the General volume as your magnetic field finds balance. In other words, if after 2 hours, you feel your initial boost dissipating, it may mean that you are ready to switch back to the General volume. “Gentle” volume setting is best for children 14 and under.

Users 65 and over may find that the Gentle volume works better. If adults experience low energy or a drop in results within a couple of hours after using the Gentle volume then move to General volume.


Beta Test Instructions

  • Drink 12 oz of WATER prior to coiling. 

  • Open your body, mind, and heart to RECEIVE. The best ‘Shift’ happens with your permission. 

  • The first week play Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 journeys as listed below. Thereafter, due to the ‘therapeutic’ nature of these journeys, you may change the order as long as you follow the schedule and play each one once.

    • Day 1- Nutrition Tune-Up (new 30 minute, not 17 minute)

    • Day 2- Demo Harmonizer

    • Day 3 - Hormone Harmony (1, 2, 3) followed by Herx-help 

    • Day 4 - BREAK

    • Day 5 - BREAK

    • Day 6 - Balance the Mind

    • Day 7 - Higher Self

    • Day 8 - Immune Boost

    • Day 9 - BREAK

    • Day 10 - BREAK

    • Day 11- Positivity

    • Day 12- Relax All

    • Day 13 - Headache Help followed by Herx-help


Beta Test Feedback Form

After each session, check back here and enter your responses, below. Please be as specific as possible in any comments that you make.

Name of User: *
Name of User:
Date of Session: *
Date of Session:
DURING your session *
Did you have an improved experience DURING your session compared to your experience with the BetterGuide v5016 on your previous tablet? (i.e. comfort, relaxation, less sensitivity, stronger ‘therapeutic’ feeling)
Did your coil get uncomfortably warm (ie. hot) *
POST session *
Did you have an improved experience POST session compared to your experience with the BetterGuide v5016 on your previous tablet? (i.e. mental clarity, relaxed nervous system, more energy, overall feeling ‘better’)

Thank you and Best Wishes!

The AmpCoil Team