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Take back your life with BetterGuide

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Drives the AmpCoil

BetterGuide delivers pure tones using a PEMF delivery system via a modified Tesla coil.

Tone generator

BetterGuide is a modern tone generator, offering 100+ pre-designed Journeys. 


BetterGuide includes voice analysis, translating your vocal patterns into a guide for you.


BetterGuide allows you to choose from frequency programs uniquely beneficial to you. 


Many have been down the path of medication, radiation, operation and more...

…and are now ready to tune and tone with VIBRATION.

Microbes, metals, and toxins can be responsible for a myriad of complications in your organ systems, the depletion of nutrients, and uncomfortable and often life-burdening symptoms, which impact the quality of your life.


The more you know about your health,
the better it gets


Nurture yourself with BetterGuide

BetterGuide instantly gratifies you with voice analysis results, prioritizing areas of interference and noise in your body. Scoring is determined by your unique voice print, which detects stress indicators. By listening to your body’s signals, microbes, metals and toxins can be neutralized while your entire system harmonizes. 
Cleansing can take patience but using the AmpCoil is one of the easiest and most affordable choices you can make. Apply the modified Tesla coil to the body and start sound Journeys from a large repertoire of nourishing and safe tones to neutralize the stress, noise and distortion in your life. Sit back and relax.

It listens to your body signals 

Tune organs and body systems with their unique signature for balance and optimal function. Includes a 60 min. Organ Tune-up or the option to select individual organ systems of highest priority.

Tune your body with nutrition essentials for nourishment and strength. Includes a 17-min. Nutrition Tune-up, 17-min Herx Help! or the option to select individual nutrients of highest priority.

Tone down Microbes, Metals and Toxins to neutralize interference for Bioterrain optimization. Includes a 60-minute customized Cleanse: Smart Journey or the option to select from over 65 individual microbes, metals, or toxins of highest priority.




A modern playlist of health journeys

A Journey is a customized concert of tones based on what your voice print resonated as your priority. We are now offering these programs with many more to come...


Connect with the wisdom of your body

Voice Analysis offers suggested results via biofeedback for the most distorted areas of your body needing attention, as identified by a mismatch called Harmonic Discordance. The weakest link of "out of tune" vibrations in your body are then visited early and often each time you do a session, helping correct body harmonics over time. This "First Do No Harm" methodology, provides a self-help tool with low risk, high safety, excellent penetration, low noise or distortion, pure signaling, with pure overtones, delivered with excellent acoustic fidelity, to help stimulate and retrain normal organ resonance.


It’s Time to Use Your Voice:
BetterGuide’s Voice Analysis

BetterGuide’s biofeedback system is a GPS-like tool which translates your vocal patterns and guides your decisions based on actual physiological data. It offers you a personal results and is the basis for suggesting which frequencies are uniquely beneficial to you. 


Vibrations tell tales

Voice analysis measures the inflections and irregularities in the vibrations of your speech and these irregularities reflect unhealthy stresses and patterns present in your organs and body systems. 

The voice analysis is based upon the same technology utilized in original lie detector tests, as an alternative to the galvanic skin response polygraph tests used by police and federal investigators. Voice analyzers provide real-time feedback on body activity based upon advanced algorithms, which track the signals coming from the body. This is called biofeedback.

Secrets hidden within your voice

Brain cells have the remarkable ability to store a massive amount of information for the entire body. They do this by recording vibrations and signals coming from all parts of the body like organs, body systems and cells. To produce speech, the brain communicates with the Vagus Nerve and sends a signal to the larynx which vibrates out stored information through the vocal cords. The Vagus Nerve is not only the manner through which this data is gathered from the body but also the way the brain communicates this hidden information outward using the voice.


After studies conducted on more than 45,000 people, researchers realized that the vocal code could be analyzed and interpreted to reveal messages about the condition of the body itself. Once this was understood, it provided the AmpCoil team with the foundation from which to create the BetterGuide’s database for voice analysis.


How BetterGuide works

Body stress data is decoded, then specific frequencies are delivered through the modified Tesla coil to target areas of concern.


Speak into the app to provide a voice sample. 

Speak  into the app and provide a brief voice sample. 

View the clear biofeedback results.

View  the clear biofeedback results.  

Select a relevant Journey and press play.

Select  a relevant Journey and press  play .  

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