Introducing BetterGuide 2.0


The highly anticipated BetterGuide App update has arrived!

The BetterGuide App update offers exciting features and over 100 new Journeys!!

Features include:

  • The names of items in the voice analysis now match the names of the Journeys. No more guess work!
  • A “History” feature so you can track what Journeys you’ve played.
  • A “Remember Me” feature when you login, so you don’t need to retype your username and password each time you login.
  • An “Ask A Question” feature for direct access to the Support Team.

New Journeys include:

  • Organ - Tunes organs and body systems with their unique signature for balance and optimal function. Includes a 60-min. all Organ Tune-Up or the option to select individual organ systems of highest priority.
  • Nutrition - Tunes your body with nutrition essentials for nourishment and strength. Includes a 17-min. Nutrition Tune-Up, 17-min. Herx Help!, or the option to select individual nutrients of highest priority.
  • Cleanse - Tones Microbes, Metals, and Toxins to neutralize interference for complete organ and system harmony. Includes a 60-min. Smart Cleanse or the option to select  from over 65 individual microbes, metals, or toxins of highest priority.
  • Brain ReBoot - Designed to power up your brain with all supportive frequencies.

Please read new instructions and watch videos here:

We are very excited for you to experience the effects of these new Journeys!

The App has gone through extensive testing. Please be aware that there are some features still in development. Pay close attention to future updates. 

Support Central is here to help you! We ask that before you contact us with questions regarding the new update, you view the instructions and videos carefully to see if your questions are easily answered within.

Wishing you the best in health and healing,
Lori Marcus
Support Central Coordinator

Please visit to instant message us or call us at 415-231-2735 8am-5pm PST.


Hard at work behind the scenes

Hard at work behind the scenes

We wanted to to take this time to let you know where we are it in production of new AmpCoil2 devices and when you might expect to begin your new journey towards health and healing.

We know how anxious your must be to begin your AmpCoil experience, just as the AmpCoil team is here at headquarters.

As we strive to bring you the best self-­healing device available on the market today, we have realized that the production of our new design, in both device and software, contains many moving puzzle parts that have pushed our timeline for delivery a bit beyond our original expectations. For this we sincerely apologize and are working fast to get you your device ASAP.

Be assured that any delays in shipment only mean that our programmers, developers, and engineers keep finding ways to bring you more than what you originally expected. It’s all very exciting!

We have all the players and parts in place. Our new devices are on the production floor. We expect to begin the shipping process around August 18th.

Again, we understand how anxious you must be to begin using our amazing technology. We ask for your patience and support for just a bit longer. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

Having healthy cells is not a passive process

Cell exercise, also known as PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) is absolutely amazing for anyone suffering from health problems. If all illness is preceded by a loss of cellular charge, what would happen if you restore that energy back to the cells? 

A very common problem with Lyme disease is chronic pain. Many patients with Lyme disease become dependent on narcotics for their pain management. Unfortunately, narcotics can also be immunosuppressive and may in the long run be more harmful to the individual, besides the risk of addiction. PEMFs not only help with pain but also help to address the underlying causes of the pain in the body. This was spoken about very eloquently by Dr. Oz. PEMF therapy used at home on a daily basis is necessary to manage the pain of Lyme disease. Occasional treatments in a Dr.’s office will not do the job for somebody with chronic daily pain. At the very least, these occasional treatments will only provide temporary relief. The major value of PEMFs, is that they can be purchased and used in the home setting at one’s convenience, at one’s own schedule.

Watch as Dr. Oz explains why “having healthy cells is not a passive process”. Active, regular tuning-up of our cells is not only feasible, but also necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction. We are, after all, only as healthy as our cells. Imperceptible cell dysfunction that is not corrected early can lead to disease. Fine-tuning can be done daily in only minutes, using pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). In addition, when there is a known imbalance (when symptoms are present) or there is a known disease or condition, PEMF treatments, used either alone or along with other therapies, can often help cells rebalance dysfunction faster.


Nutrition’s Part in Harmonic Balance

Nutrition’s Part in Harmonic Balance

AmpCoil and its parent company Health Evolution Technologies take health and nutrition very seriously. We welcome you on your path to wellness and we look forward to assisting you to again becoming the person you are supposed to be. It is so important to understand that you are the person you are dependent on the state of health you’re in. This means that as we work together our goal is to allow your body to become balanced in Mind – Body – Spirit.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Automation

LED Lights will display voltage output and amp fluctuations during the various Vibrational programs during the  and 8-35 minutes of therapy.  There is no other monitoring required. Simply relax while placing the COIL on area of interest.  The ON BOARD PROCESSOR Program is automated to deliver SPECIFIC TONE GENERATOR signals locally into relevant body parts.

PLAY YOUR OWN TUNE:  The AMPCOIL conductor can respond to the input or SCORE selected ideally for the Custom results of the BETTER GUIDE software selector,  which automatically  helps prioritize the proper timing and sequence plus intensity and form of TONAL CODES or Human BODY MUSIC vibration played back through the AMPCOIL Speaker system to deeply penetrate the body.

A Modern Home Library Of Health Journeys

Our App called BETTERGUIDE with AMPCOIL provides this rectification and Equalization using PERSONAL SOUND JOUIRNEYS. These Biofeedback EXCURSIONS are safe yet  powerful enough for entrainment and retraining of body systems and pH, Oxygenation and grounding minerals. The aim is to optimize Bioterrain bio-electrically, using our PROPRIETARY Bioenergetic Radical Audio Visual Entrainment WAVE (PEMF) BIOFEEDBACK.

A BRAVE WAVE JOURNEY is a customized concert based on what your VOICE PRINT RESONATED SELECTED as your top priority. Analysis by software assists in the best choice of a selected BETTERGUIDE JOURNEY, PLAYED BACK THROUGH AN EQUALIZER and AMPCOIL to HELP SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION TO THE NEUTRAL POINT. Your BODY CHOOSES the priority of probabilities from your ABC BETTERGUIDE  CUSTOM DATA BANK which can be fed back into our PROGRAM SELECTOR and delivered as a SOUND CONCERT to detect, select, correct, and protect the tune and tone of your body physiology.  

Here we developed Generalized Detox Journey for each body part or CUSTOM HEALTHY JOURNEYS for various conditions related to stress, pain, relaxation and peak performance retraining tools.

Shift Your Vibration With Resonant Frequencies

Music Makes Life Easier as all the world’s cultures know and revere. Your Body too is an orchestra pit of instruments called organs wanting to play together in tune, in harmony and in sync.

All of us want to express our best selves in our song of life, yet need a pitch pipe to get in TUNE first. Isn’t it time you gave yourself a tune up? AMPCOIL BETTERGUIDE HAS A SOLUTION : A HUMAN TUNER and HUMAN SPEAKER SYSTEM for Measuring and Monitoring Stress Indicators and Retraining you through neuro-biofeedback to SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION toward Normal.

AMPCOIL can “Shift your Vibration” with Personalized Musical TUNING TONES to help retrain your PITCH and thus EQUILIBRIUM to sound and feel better easily. This is accomplished  through our merging into a unique custom technology proven hardware and software united into a new HUMAN Stereo System called AMPCOIL and BETTERGUIDE SOFTWARE TONE GENERATOR with healing guiding ALGORHYTHMS Called BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS.

Our breakthrough is in providing the right amount of Fluctuating Power at  Variable Reactance and amperage to correct these lower 12 octaves of vibrations necessary for Human Health.  In doing so, we conquered the old problems of amplifier burn out or coil overheating by fluctuating the power needed for each  element or organ of the body with BETTERGUIDE SOFTWARE  time and intensity limiters.

Finally our software GUIDANCE SYSTEM overcame the power amp hardware limitations  allowing for a self help home unit that is safe enough for a child to use.

A Fluxing Amp Mimics Nature’s Oscillations

Nature Oscillates. We Vibrate too! So we built an AMPCOIL that OSCILLATES like nature for TUNING the Human Instrument .

Our unique attempt to assist in this promoting vital vibrations lies in the use of NOVEL NATURALIZING AMPCOIL Custom Speakers, modified from DOUG COILs, into a streamlined modern AMPCOIL SPEAKER that can deliver more easily, safely, reliably deliver NATURAL HEALTHY FLUCTUATING SOUND WAVES CALLED F-PEMF.

Our design engineers built a truly unique modified Sound Generator & Magnetic Speaker system to adequately supply to UNIQUE FLUXING POWER REQUIREMENTS TOLERABLE TO THE HUMAN BODY FOR SELF CLEANING AUGMENTATION & BALANCE.

Fluctuating Power To Match Sound Output

AMPCOIL’s POWERFUL PUSLING F-PEMF SPEAKER COIL designed to handle the Fluctuating bandwidth of 7-2300 Hertz at 1800 watts from a 200 volt AMPCOIL SPEAKER.

This  helps automatically focus the AMPCOIL SOUND GENERATOR  to emit a localized fountain like energy field 4 feet around you, while piggybacking the delivery of custom TONAL CODES tuned to the exact Vibrational waveforms selected by your OWN VOICE PRINT.

AMPCOIL SPEAKER EMITS A VORTEX for a Fountain like Electromagnetic Field:

AMPCOIL SPEAKER EMITS A VORTEX for a Fountain like Electromagnetic Field:

Tone & Detox Your Natural Defenses With Focused PEMF

Brace yourself for a unique breakthrough in music neuro-biofeedback training. The AMPCOIL BETTERGUIDE team combined old, proven effective concepts like brainwave entrainment research, while refining the cumbersome DOUG COIL technology.

Now we can provide a user friendly, streamlined and finely tuned, fluxing Power Amp and Speaker Coil System along with ANDROID tablet based computer guidance application (App) for an effective, new delivery system of PEMF Neuro-biofeedback with virtually no learning curve or reported adverse side effects.

AMPCOIL delivers non invasive sound wave therapy in a LOCALIZED FLUCTUATING NATURAL FIELD via Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields called PEMF. Ultimately this FIELD ENHANCEMENT helps to better mimic, entrain and restore the true vibrational balance or TONE of normal BODYSYSTEMS, DEFENSES & DETOX MECHANISMS to assist in anti aging, peak performance and overall wellness through STRESS, PAIN and RELAXATION Biofeedback.

A New Wave Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy

Experience a deeper, faster, and safer way to fully experience neuro- biofeedback for stress pain and relaxation or peak performance from the comfort of your home, saving time, money and worry.

Simply Make a Map then Take a Health Excursion using our BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS, safely guided by the directives of your own voice print deciphered by our BETTERGUIDE APP.  

Accelerate, Personalize and FOCUS your HEALTH JOURNEY on what matters most, in the right order and with the right attention, and right power setting, right on the body for maximum sound penetration.

Then for Neuro-biofeedback retraining, simply play your STANDARD OR CUSTOM BRAVE WAVE BIOFEEDBACK TRAINING JOURNEY for the recommended 8-35 minutes , absorbing  the benefits of an extended JOURNEY PLAYED THROUGH the COIL INTO YOUR BODY.

The GOAL is to non-invasively send powerful, personalized RETUNING VIBRATIONS from CUSTOM CODED TONE BANKS through a HUMAN  AMPCOIL SURROUND SOUND MAGNETIC SPEAKER SYSTEM to Recharge and reclaim your body.

Take A Custom PEMF Journey with BetterGuide App


Then the priority of probabilities from your BETTERGUIDE  CUSTOM DATA BANK is  instantly fed back into Your PROGRAM SELECTOR.  VOILA! The focus of your stress is revealed to yourself and an appropriate health education and retraining module is embarked up using the TONE GENERATOR JOURNEYS.

Scroll for prevention through the NORMAL ORGAN JOURNEYS or DIG into CLARITY SERIES for DETOXIFICATION FROM stress, pain, relaxation and embrace our peak performance retraining tools.

You can take a single or full course of  Neuro-biofeedback using Corrective Biofeedback Journeys relevant to your personal health concerns.

UNIQUE FLUXING OUTPUT is necessary for various bandwidths (or bioresonance voltage signatures)  using adjustable programmable power in a pulsing fashion with changing tones.

Better Guide Software, acts like an orchestra conductors’ score, takes all the guess work out and controls the fluctuation of  volume, the tones and the sequence for completely user friendly automation.

Focused PEMF Surround Sound

ENJOY RELAXING in a custom SOUND FIELD designed to BALANCE your HOMEOSTASIS. There is No Risk, No Noise, No Heat, No Sweat. No learning curve. No Side Effects.

Enjoy healthy vibrations aimed at target organs.  The Autonomic nervous system records the changes and relaxes, improving microcirculation and oxygenation. Its that simple.  Improve Cellular Vitality to LIVE.

F-PEMF allows focused placement on the body for faster recovery through deeper penetration to assist organ tuning and cleansing, injury repair and sports enhancement.

Retrain and reshape through RETUNING

Seek optimum sound, shape and structure thus organ performance using pre-programmed Neuro-Biofeedback with the BETTERGUIDE BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS. Retune Your Orchestra of Organs to Harmonize Your Health.

NASA Says PEMF Necessary For Life - Foster Immunity With Healthy Oscillations

Published NASA Studies on the health of Astronauts proved the critical role of pulsing Electromagnetic Field called PEMF necessary for  Life. Without the pulsing electromagnetic shield around us we lose balance and direction and ultimately die.

We designed and built AMPCOIL and BETTERGUIDE APP to help protect this delicate necessary HUMAN shield, especially in today’s heavily polluted world full of negative EMF exposures, not the mention the air, water and ground pollution exposures affecting our food chain and immune health.

We hope to help build and maintain your natural defense systems by remaining IN TUNE. IMMUNITY is your best defense.

Focused PEMF Speaker Coil

AmpCoil was made possible by the merging of many technologies into a single, more focused, powerful, yet more miniature digitalized form of neuro-biofeedback, for safer yet deeper non invasive penetration of vibrational Sound Entrainment. Its 12 Octave Range of impact still covers the majority of Human Health Bandwidth Range, but at a reduction in size, weight, cost, and with built in safety and tolerance features for a new era in self help home care using modern neuro-biofeedback technology.

AMPCOIL Focused PEMF Speaker COIL is akin to a HUMAN SPEAKER System adapted for health, safety, and personalized user friendly home use. 

It was originally designed by a dedicated engineer to  correct his suffering from LYME disease. Upon this success, and in conjunction with software designers, its scope has been widened, its use has been commercialized, field tested at Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine and by biofeedback practitioners with excellent success and tolerability without any reported adverse side effects.

Enjoy a SOUND EXCURSION powerful enough for entrainment and retraining Bioterrain bio-electrically using our PROPRIETARY Bioenergetic Radical Audio Visual Entrainment WAVE (PEMF) BIOFEEDBACK.

Energy Therapy - Get In Tune With Yourself & Nature

Through their ingenuity in studying how to harness MOTHER NATURE, the AMPCOIL BETTERGUIDE design team manufactured a truly new concept in total body care that is Safe, Natural, Normalizing and FUN.

The AMPCOIL is IN SYNC and IN TUNE WITH NATURE for optimization of Body Harmony. Research shows PEMF may assist in improving MICROCIRCULATION OF THE  BODY, creating improvements in body and mind awareness, relaxation and sleep, recovery time, stress reduction and peak performance. 

We provide your self help tool for education to hopefully motivate accessible delivery of  Wellness Promotion through Self Help Hardware & Software App for the entire family’s use.