A New Wave Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy

Experience a deeper, faster, and safer way to fully experience neuro- biofeedback for stress pain and relaxation or peak performance from the comfort of your home, saving time, money and worry.

Simply Make a Map then Take a Health Excursion using our BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS, safely guided by the directives of your own voice print deciphered by our BETTERGUIDE APP.  

Accelerate, Personalize and FOCUS your HEALTH JOURNEY on what matters most, in the right order and with the right attention, and right power setting, right on the body for maximum sound penetration.

Then for Neuro-biofeedback retraining, simply play your STANDARD OR CUSTOM BRAVE WAVE BIOFEEDBACK TRAINING JOURNEY for the recommended 8-35 minutes , absorbing  the benefits of an extended JOURNEY PLAYED THROUGH the COIL INTO YOUR BODY.

The GOAL is to non-invasively send powerful, personalized RETUNING VIBRATIONS from CUSTOM CODED TONE BANKS through a HUMAN  AMPCOIL SURROUND SOUND MAGNETIC SPEAKER SYSTEM to Recharge and reclaim your body.

Mark Streeter