Focused PEMF Surround Sound

ENJOY RELAXING in a custom SOUND FIELD designed to BALANCE your HOMEOSTASIS. There is No Risk, No Noise, No Heat, No Sweat. No learning curve. No Side Effects.

Enjoy healthy vibrations aimed at target organs.  The Autonomic nervous system records the changes and relaxes, improving microcirculation and oxygenation. Its that simple.  Improve Cellular Vitality to LIVE.

F-PEMF allows focused placement on the body for faster recovery through deeper penetration to assist organ tuning and cleansing, injury repair and sports enhancement.

Retrain and reshape through RETUNING

Seek optimum sound, shape and structure thus organ performance using pre-programmed Neuro-Biofeedback with the BETTERGUIDE BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS. Retune Your Orchestra of Organs to Harmonize Your Health.

Mark Streeter