Focused PEMF Speaker Coil

AmpCoil was made possible by the merging of many technologies into a single, more focused, powerful, yet more miniature digitalized form of neuro-biofeedback, for safer yet deeper non invasive penetration of vibrational Sound Entrainment. Its 12 Octave Range of impact still covers the majority of Human Health Bandwidth Range, but at a reduction in size, weight, cost, and with built in safety and tolerance features for a new era in self help home care using modern neuro-biofeedback technology.

AMPCOIL Focused PEMF Speaker COIL is akin to a HUMAN SPEAKER System adapted for health, safety, and personalized user friendly home use. 

It was originally designed by a dedicated engineer to  correct his suffering from LYME disease. Upon this success, and in conjunction with software designers, its scope has been widened, its use has been commercialized, field tested at Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine and by biofeedback practitioners with excellent success and tolerability without any reported adverse side effects.

Enjoy a SOUND EXCURSION powerful enough for entrainment and retraining Bioterrain bio-electrically using our PROPRIETARY Bioenergetic Radical Audio Visual Entrainment WAVE (PEMF) BIOFEEDBACK.

Mark Streeter