A Modern Home Library Of Health Journeys

Our App called BETTERGUIDE with AMPCOIL provides this rectification and Equalization using PERSONAL SOUND JOUIRNEYS. These Biofeedback EXCURSIONS are safe yet  powerful enough for entrainment and retraining of body systems and pH, Oxygenation and grounding minerals. The aim is to optimize Bioterrain bio-electrically, using our PROPRIETARY Bioenergetic Radical Audio Visual Entrainment WAVE (PEMF) BIOFEEDBACK.

A BRAVE WAVE JOURNEY is a customized concert based on what your VOICE PRINT RESONATED SELECTED as your top priority. Analysis by software assists in the best choice of a selected BETTERGUIDE JOURNEY, PLAYED BACK THROUGH AN EQUALIZER and AMPCOIL to HELP SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION TO THE NEUTRAL POINT. Your BODY CHOOSES the priority of probabilities from your ABC BETTERGUIDE  CUSTOM DATA BANK which can be fed back into our PROGRAM SELECTOR and delivered as a SOUND CONCERT to detect, select, correct, and protect the tune and tone of your body physiology.  

Here we developed Generalized Detox Journey for each body part or CUSTOM HEALTHY JOURNEYS for various conditions related to stress, pain, relaxation and peak performance retraining tools.

Mark Streeter