Shift Your Vibration With Resonant Frequencies

Music Makes Life Easier as all the world’s cultures know and revere. Your Body too is an orchestra pit of instruments called organs wanting to play together in tune, in harmony and in sync.

All of us want to express our best selves in our song of life, yet need a pitch pipe to get in TUNE first. Isn’t it time you gave yourself a tune up? AMPCOIL BETTERGUIDE HAS A SOLUTION : A HUMAN TUNER and HUMAN SPEAKER SYSTEM for Measuring and Monitoring Stress Indicators and Retraining you through neuro-biofeedback to SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION toward Normal.

AMPCOIL can “Shift your Vibration” with Personalized Musical TUNING TONES to help retrain your PITCH and thus EQUILIBRIUM to sound and feel better easily. This is accomplished  through our merging into a unique custom technology proven hardware and software united into a new HUMAN Stereo System called AMPCOIL and BETTERGUIDE SOFTWARE TONE GENERATOR with healing guiding ALGORHYTHMS Called BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS.

Our breakthrough is in providing the right amount of Fluctuating Power at  Variable Reactance and amperage to correct these lower 12 octaves of vibrations necessary for Human Health.  In doing so, we conquered the old problems of amplifier burn out or coil overheating by fluctuating the power needed for each  element or organ of the body with BETTERGUIDE SOFTWARE  time and intensity limiters.

Finally our software GUIDANCE SYSTEM overcame the power amp hardware limitations  allowing for a self help home unit that is safe enough for a child to use.

Mark Streeter