Tone & Detox Your Natural Defenses With Focused PEMF

Brace yourself for a unique breakthrough in music neuro-biofeedback training. The AMPCOIL BETTERGUIDE team combined old, proven effective concepts like brainwave entrainment research, while refining the cumbersome DOUG COIL technology.

Now we can provide a user friendly, streamlined and finely tuned, fluxing Power Amp and Speaker Coil System along with ANDROID tablet based computer guidance application (App) for an effective, new delivery system of PEMF Neuro-biofeedback with virtually no learning curve or reported adverse side effects.

AMPCOIL delivers non invasive sound wave therapy in a LOCALIZED FLUCTUATING NATURAL FIELD via Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields called PEMF. Ultimately this FIELD ENHANCEMENT helps to better mimic, entrain and restore the true vibrational balance or TONE of normal BODYSYSTEMS, DEFENSES & DETOX MECHANISMS to assist in anti aging, peak performance and overall wellness through STRESS, PAIN and RELAXATION Biofeedback.

Mark Streeter