Nutrition’s Part in Harmonic Balance

AmpCoil and its parent company Health Evolution Technologies take health and nutrition very seriously. We welcome you on your path to wellness and we look forward to assisting you to again becoming the person you are supposed to be. It is so important to understand that you are the person you are dependent on the state of health you’re in. This means that as we work together our goal is to allow your body to become balanced in Mind – Body – Spirit.


From the scientific and realistic side of what is happening to you, we recognize that some time through your life, recent or distant path, you have had a significant physical or emotional event that has caused you to be in the symptomatic state you are in. We believe that we will be able to assist your body in balancing the “frequency”, harmonic or musical side of your well being that has gone astray in your body however; we also believe that we can assist in guiding you to your physical, nutritionally dependant side of your health. The spiritual side of the triad of wellness is going to be left up to you and all we can say is that you had best believe in some higher power than you or it is going to be a very lonely walk.


Obviously there is a very high degree of probability that you are reading this because you are out of balance. The second assumption will be that should you decide to engage in a healing pathway with us, you will be looking for guidance. We are fully prepared to engage in this with you. Aligning ourselves with a very reputable provider of whole food and scientifically proven products was a major goal we set for ourselves. Our manager of nutritional services has taken his almost 40 years of private practice knowledge, along with the combined 300 + YEARS OF EXPERIENCE of his colleagues and has discovered such a program and provider. Through the use of Good Health Naturally, the AmpCoil team will be working closely with the guided team of Robert Redfern, to provide you with the highest degree of guidance that we can. This will be ever researched and monitored on your behalf and you will be able to go with confidence that you will be in the hands of a team of professionals that only have your best interest at heart. So how is your journey going to begin?


As you will begin to receive information from us, after acquiring the AmpCoil and Better Guide software, we will be suggesting what you can expect and where you go to the next step. As with any process, you will need to have a plan and like following the suggested program of Better Guide and coiling, we will take you through the steps of nutritional recovery.

  1. Detox. Your physical and emotional body will more than likely experience some shifts from your current state of being when you begin the coiling process with AmpCoil. To help you adjust and realign your emotional state, we will work diligently to assist you to detox what will be happening to you physically. You can be rest assured that you will have some type of cleansing. It is very important that you embrace the Detox protocol to allow your body eliminate toxins that will be released and also support the immune system that will be challenged.
  2. Immune system support. We will be recommending you start learning about what has been happening in your life. This we will support with a variety of e-books and teaching emails so you can have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.
  3. As we progress in our relationship with you we will be recommending you get together by phone or online with one of our Good Health Naturally Nutrition Coaches. This is a journey and you will become part of our family and this needs the depth of support we are willing to offer.

Where do you go from here?

Understanding that we are all in need of a feeling of belonging, we welcome you to our way of thinking. We also know that things change and that you have your own mission that you must peruse. Our nutrition plan is based on a good solid foundation of the 5 major health risks that affect us every day and we share them with you freely. These you need to have in front of you consciously and allow us to share with you.

  1. DIGESTION: How we break down what we eat. It is known that the nutrition is not in the foods we consume as they were in our grandparents or even in our parents time. This really causes us all to have an understanding that we need pre-digestive enzymes. Not the enzymes that are distributed from our pancreas, but the ones that come from the green leafy vegetables and previously enzyme laden foods we used to consume.
  2. Immune Support. We all know that we have to support our white blood cells as these are our defence against all the invaders in the forms of pathogens, viruses and bacteria. Although the AmpCoil will be able to assist in cleaning things up if some have slipped by the line of defense, having a good supply of antioxidants is important to our wellbeing.
  3. Breaking down Sugars and Fats. Our diets are inundated with copious amounts of refined sugars which in their own way are the disease instigators in us today. We must also understand that even wholesome foods have sugar in them and we must support our body’s ability to break down and utilize them properly. This also goes for the fats we consume, whether good or bad fats…they need to be managed.
  4. Vitamins and Minerals: A vital part of our body’s operation is not only the vitamins that marketers are trying to sell us, but also the minerals that cause them to work in our system. If we do not have those minerals we will not be able to hold a charge in our cells and will deplete our energy rapidly. Just taking fractionated vitamins is not enough. We need all the catalytic food stuffs to go along with them. As an example, Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid can legally be called Vitamin C however without the Rutin and bioflavonoids an excess amount of it will cause bowel intolerance. This is also known as diahhrea and the body knows to get rid of excess by elimination.
  5. Intestinal Health.  This can only be maintained by a proper balance of Pro-Biotics in our digestive system. Over the last number of generations we have been no strangers to the abusive use of Antibiotics in our food chain and our health has suffered from it. It is time you put that back in order.

Should you have a nutritional plan that you are already using that’s great however we feel that you need to re-evaluate it. We know what results our product usage should expect and that is how we are able to guide you. Should you decide to use our products we know you will be satisfied with not only the product quality but also the professionalism of our team and customer support.

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