Introducing BetterGuide 2.0


The highly anticipated BetterGuide App update has arrived!

The BetterGuide App update offers exciting features and over 100 new Journeys!!

Features include:

  • The names of items in the voice analysis now match the names of the Journeys. No more guess work!
  • A “History” feature so you can track what Journeys you’ve played.
  • A “Remember Me” feature when you login, so you don’t need to retype your username and password each time you login.
  • An “Ask A Question” feature for direct access to the Support Team.

New Journeys include:

  • Organ - Tunes organs and body systems with their unique signature for balance and optimal function. Includes a 60-min. all Organ Tune-Up or the option to select individual organ systems of highest priority.
  • Nutrition - Tunes your body with nutrition essentials for nourishment and strength. Includes a 17-min. Nutrition Tune-Up, 17-min. Herx Help!, or the option to select individual nutrients of highest priority.
  • Cleanse - Tones Microbes, Metals, and Toxins to neutralize interference for complete organ and system harmony. Includes a 60-min. Smart Cleanse or the option to select  from over 65 individual microbes, metals, or toxins of highest priority.
  • Brain ReBoot - Designed to power up your brain with all supportive frequencies.

Please read new instructions and watch videos here:

We are very excited for you to experience the effects of these new Journeys!

The App has gone through extensive testing. Please be aware that there are some features still in development. Pay close attention to future updates. 

Support Central is here to help you! We ask that before you contact us with questions regarding the new update, you view the instructions and videos carefully to see if your questions are easily answered within.

Wishing you the best in health and healing,
Lori Marcus
Support Central Coordinator

Please visit to instant message us or call us at 415-231-2735 8am-5pm PST.

Mark Streeter