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Over 89% of users report a 84-93% reduction of their symptoms with Ampcoil.


A Bright Future For Lyme

  • Custom PEMF Journeys to Provide More Energy, Stamina and Health For Those With Lyme.
  • Use In The Comfort of Your Home and Avoid Traveling and Wait Time
  • No Adverse Effects Thanks to Natural Sound Healing 
  • Reduce The Need For Other Treatments, Saving Precious Resources

Get in Tune. Easy-to-use sound technology for the entire family

Optimal Lyme care without driving across town, waiting times, medications, and more.

The AmpCoil is driven by a powerful app called BetterGuide (not your granddad’s Rife machine!). It delivers noninvasive sound wave vibrations to your body through a modified Tesla coil using proven PEMF technology (pulsed electromagnetic field). With biofeedback voice analysis built right into the app, you receive customized frequencies based on the signals coming from your body, which address Lyme and co-infections.

Raise your vibration and you won’t be beat by a bug.

When parts of your body become stressed or diseased, they no longer produce the correct sound vibrations. In other words, your body and its organs are not vibrating at its optimal resonant frequency. By introducing the tones of healthy organs, minerals, nutrients, electrolytes, enzymes, flora, etc. back into your body, you can relax knowing that the rejuvenation and restoration process is underway.


Hello easy traveling

Meet trkr, everything you love about AmpCoil, only smaller. With it's lightweight design and builtin smart transformer trkr is ready to accompany you anywhere.


Make the pain go away

A very common problem with Lyme disease is chronic pain.

Many patients with Lyme can become dependent on narcotics for pain management. Unfortunately, narcotics can be addictive and also immunosuppressive. In the long run, this may be more harmful to the individual. PEMFs not only help with pain but also address the underlying causes of pain in the body.

Implementing PEMF sessions at home on a daily basis can manage the pain associated with Lyme disease. Occasional treatments in a practitioner’s office will not do the job for somebody with chronic daily pain. At the very least, these occasional treatments will only provide temporary relief. The value of AmpCoil and its PEMFs is that you can use it at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home.

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Backstory from founder Aaron and his struggle Lyme Disease

Founder Aaron Bigelow discusses his experience with Lyme disease and his drive and vision to overcome his challenges.


AmpCoil Testimonial by Anna About Lyme

Anna is the mother of five children with Lyme. Find out the UPDATE on how her and her children are thriving months after getting the AmpCoil, a home-use wellness device for the entire family.


Studies show effectiveness of PEMFs for:


Inflammation – recharges the cell’s surface and thus reduces pain and swelling

Nutritional Uptake – improves transport of minerals and nutrients

Microcirculation – reduces blood platelet adhesion (stickiness)

Energy Improvement – cells need fuel, oxygen and energy to operate. PEMF boosts their voltage like a battery recharger

Oxygenation – enables lung tissue to uptake oxygen more easily

Cleansing and detoxification – opens cell membranes and helps the cell to eliminate waste for better organ drainage

ATP production – through excitation of electrons, the energy of the cell is produced


We believe in unfinished stories

PEMF for Lyme support goes intracellular, crosses blood-brain barrier and addresses co-infections.

Lyme organisms burrow deeply into cells, hidden from detection. Research has revealed that antibiotics have not always been useful for attacking these hidden forms of Lyme. By balancing the energy of the cell, the cell becomes more resistant to the hidden forms of Lyme disease and its co-infections. Because PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic field) help with reducing inflammation and pain, while improving circulation, they generally improve and support the value of other Lyme treatments by acting as a whole-body battery recharger.

Imagine the possibilities if harmful pathogens could no longer hide from beneficial hertz frequencies by burrowing into cell walls?

PEMF is a Revolutionary Cure for Pain that few doctors know about. The next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine.
— Dr. Oz, Health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Safe & Simple Alternative Lyme Treatment Made for Everyone

AmpCoil is made for home use for the entire family whatever the age with no adverse side effects, pills or waiting times. The system takes absolutely no effort other than turning it on.

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