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Most people are not familiar with coiling and even those that are often get frustrated with the process. Thats why we’ve created BetterGuide. Discover, create and feel empowerment from coiling without the complications. 


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Additional resources

*The additional resources below are not suggested to download without the help of tech support.


Quicksupport App

If you are require advanced support, download TeamViewer QuickSupport to your tablet (not your computer, for example) so that we can assist you. 

Asus Add-On for QuickSupport/ Host

If you have an Asus tablet, download and install an add-on for the QuickSupport app.

Host App

Download and install Host for enable us to better support you and your tablet.

Play Store Update

Install the latest version of Google Play to ensure optimal BetterGuide performance.

Custom Launcher

Teamviewer - Ampcoil Tablet