Carefully view all instructions before installing

v4 Download button is located below the instruction

*Process takes approx. 10-15 mins. Make sure you have time :)


How to uninstall

  • BetterGuide v4 is built on an entirely new foundation.
  • You must first remove the existing app before installing v4.
  • Your data and history will not be lost.
  • Best of all, a Google account will no longer be required to receive updates!

Uninstall Step 1

  • Load your tablets home screen
  • Tap the "All apps" icon (bottom middle)

Uninstall Step 2

  • Locate and tap Settings icon

Uninstall Step 3

  • Within Settings locate Device > Apps
  • Tap Apps icon

Uninstall Step 4

  • Within Apps locate BetterGuide icon
  • Tap BetterGuide
  • *If multiple versions of BetterGuide exist remove all of them

Uninstall Step 5

  • Within App info > BetterGuide
  • Tap Uninstall button

Uninstall Step 6

  • Do you want to uninstall this app?
  • Tap OK
  • BetterGuide will now be removed
  • Next step install v4!


How to Install

  • *Connect to wifi
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • All future updates will occur automatically when connected to wifi

Install Step 1

  • Make sure that your using your tablet

  • Load tablet's "Home screen"
  • Locate and tap Chrome icon
  • Go to


Install Step 2

  • Once on webpage locate the "Download Now" section (under install instructions)

  • Tap the big blue DOWNLOAD BETTERGUIDE button

  • The app will begin to download


Install Step 3

  • Allow Chrome to access photos, media, and files on your device.
  • Tap on Allow

Install Step 4

  • This file will not harm your tablet... its from us ;)
  • Tap the OK button

Install Step 5

  • Install the update



Download Now


BetterGuide v4

Most people are not familiar with coiling and even those that are often get frustrated with the process. Thats why we’ve created BetterGuide. Discover, create and feel empowerment from coiling without the complications. 


Cant find the download?

Follow these instructions if you downloaded but now can't find the downloaded file...


Find download
Step 1

  • Load your tablets home screen
  • Tap the "All apps" icon (bottom middle)

Find download
Step 2

  • Locate and tap Settings icon

Find download
Step 3

  • Within Settings locate Device > Downloads
  • Tap Downloads icon

Find downloads
Step 4

  • Within Downloads locate BetterGuide4096
  • Tap the file

Find download
Step 5

  • Tap Install

Additional Resources

*The additional resources below are not suggested to download without the help of tech support.


Quicksupport App

If you are require advanced support, download TeamViewer QuickSupport to your tablet (not your computer, for example) so that we can assist you. 

Asus Add-On for QuickSupport/ Host

If you have an Asus tablet, download and install an add-on for the QuickSupport app.

Host App

Download and install Host for enable us to better support you and your tablet.

Play Store Update

Install the latest version of Google Play to ensure optimal BetterGuide performance.