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Carefully view all instructions before installing


Helpful Notes

Connect to wifi - You need internet to view and download from your tablet. Move closer to  your router for good signal.

Only need to do this once - All future updates will occur automatically when connected to wifi

View instructions on computer screen - If it helps you can open this webpage on your desktop computer while installing on your tablet. 

Make sure you have time - Process takes approx. 10-15 mins.


How to Install


Install Step 1

  • Make sure that your using your tablet
  • Load tablet's "Home screen"
  • Locate and tap Chrome icon
  • Go to (yes the same page your one now only make sure your using your tablet)

Install Step 2

  • Once on webpage locate the "Download Now" section (under install instructions)

  • Tap the big blue DOWNLOAD BETTERGUIDE button

  • The app will begin to download


Install Step 3

  • Allow Chrome to access photos, media, and files on your device.
  • Tap on Allow

Install Step 4

  • This file will not harm your tablet... its from us ;)
  • Tap the OK button

Install Step 5

  • Install the update

Cant find the download?

Follow these instructions if you downloaded but now can't find the downloaded file...


Find download
Step 1

  • Load your tablets home screen
  • Tap the "All apps" icon (bottom middle)

Find download
Step 2

  • Locate and tap Settings icon

Find download
Step 3

  • Within Settings locate Device > Downloads
  • Tap Downloads icon

Find downloads
Step 4

  • Within Downloads locate BetterGuide4096
  • Tap the file

Find download
Step 5

  • Tap Install

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