Who can use AmpCoil?

All ages from infants to adults can utilize AmpCoil. Those with pacemakers or who are pregnant should NOT use PEMF therapy. As always, it is best to consult with your physician.


Does this device diagnose?

No. Any new diagnosis must be made by a licensed diagnostician. The AmpCoil is only a measuring and monitoring tool to define digital vital signs as stress indicators and process them mathematically to show you the top vibrations of concern to guide you on your wellness journey.
BetterGuide only shows a summary of body stressors, and helps point to what might support. The goal is homeostasis and balance, not cure, since bioenergetic changes alter tissues over time.
By balancing each organ pair and each organ at risk for inflammation or degeneration, using biofeedback and homotoxicology balancing, no disease is diagnosed. We study the physiological impact of current conditions and/or clients pre-existing conditions and help to assist natural detoxification by unburdening stress and liberating oxygen.
Information derived from BetterGuide voice analysis constitutes a probability of a match with our selected data bank, which is not exhaustive. Information derived does not constitute a certainty or claim of disease or cure by operator since your body selected which vibrations to resonate in concordance with your unconscious reactions in the voice analysis.
All data is reflected in graphic terms for ease of communication, but is only listing a probability based on scores over 85% probability, which are deemed “Significant”. What Journey you choose is your choice.


Is this device legal for home use?

Yes. The use of the AmpCoil on the family members or self assumes consent since Owners sign a consent form. Since you are using the device on yourself for your own investigation of your own stress indicators, then the conclusions you make are your own and the path you pursue is self-administered sound therapy.
Any use of BetterGuide on other subjects in clinical practice obviously requires all the necessary requirements, including proper training in Biofeedback and Stress Coaching, malpractice insurance, proper paper trail and informed consent, along with appropriate language for legal operation of this device.
All users must avoid making claims, cures and diagnoses or prognoses which must be validated and verified by appropriate consultation with a Diagnostician, who must have the license to diagnose, afforded to the Licensed Regulated Health Professionals (RHP).


Is it safe?

Yes. The delivery system is as safe as a car stereo. The tone being delivered is monotone in 5-minute segments so the modified Tesla coil absorbs the sound into a vibration, which is emitted into the body. Bodies vary so only to the level of your tolerance.
The relative risk of improper use of AmpCoil is negligible in field clinical testing, with no reported negative side effects, and the unit has been found to be safe for daily home use equivalent to a car stereo at maximum volume 200 volts for 35-70 minutes/day.
The Electro-Physiological Reflex (EPR) in humans can be excited by bio-energetic devices and should be left to relax for 90 hours between training sessions in the electrically sensitive client.

Is the AmpCoil compatible with Rife Generators?

No. Compatibility of devices must be made in consideration of hardware specifications. The Amp is a specialized, fluctuating voltage amplifier driving various frequency and electrical loads to the coil creating a sound speaker using a pulsing magnetic wave.
The AmpCoil device requires the proper Tone or Frequency Generator (in this case, BetterGuide) which is in the right bandwidth matching the amplifier to avoid overtaxing the amplifier and coil with heavier than intended loads. Only BetterGuide is designed for safety in frequency delivery, complete with power limiters, time and sequence algorithms for safe bandwidth of operation, to exactly match the tonal codes to the right amperage for variable output to support the frequency of the item sent to the coil.
Using other brands of Tone Generators without built-in safety limiters like BetterGuide, at bandwidths outside the manufacturer’s recommended and safety tested range of lower than 7 to 2,300Hz or higher, will not be recognized by the coil or may cause improper results. Doing so will void the warranty.