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Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the AmpCoil platform offers.


Mobile App

BetterGuide – AmpCoil is a modern system, powered by BetterGuide app through PEMF technology, a modified Tesla coil and amplifier. BetterGuide is an automated self-help, voice-guided customized sound technology for retraining, balancing and harmonizing the human biology using PEMF therapy. The user-friendly app includes two main features: 

1) Biofeedback Voice Analysis. Listens to the signals from your body, then guides you to customized frequency programs (called Journeys) to balance, nourish, detoxify, strengthen, restore and rejuvenate your body.

2) Modern pure tone generator. With over 100+ easy-to-use, pre-designed Journeys containing 10,000+ frequencies at your fingertips, you can tune-up organs/body systems, support nutrition, neutralize microbes, metals and toxins, reboot your brain and harmonize your body, mind and emotions.


Frequent App Updates – BetterGuide updates are sent directly to the Android tablet. The AmpCoil will always be cutting-edge technology and never be outdated because the program design team continues to make advancements to the app. 


User-friendly, Intuitive – The self-administered app is ready to go when you hit Play. No matter your situation or ability to use a computer or smartphone, you will be able to use the AmpCoil, easily and effortlessly. BetterGuide requires internet access to login. Once logged in, those sensitive to Wi-Fi signals may choose to disconnect from the internet. The data is stored in a cloud, assisting in a comparative history of visits.


Biofeedback Voice Analysis – The Voice Analysis guides you to areas of your body that are out of balance. Choose the Smart Journey suggested to you based on your personalized voice analysis. The biofeedback is modeled on the same technology used in lie detector test. Using digital vital signs as stress indicators and based on degree of probability, it processes your voice print information mathematically (using algorithms), to show you the top vibrations of concern. By listening to the signals from the body, relevant corrective Journeys can be played back to rebalance progressive issues.


Prevent Herxheimer Reactions – A body that is stressed never benefits from more stress, so we designed BetterGuide to gently cleanse and balance, and through energy induction, help dissipate the backlog of metabolic stress build up. Built into the app are supportive ‘primer’ frequencies, including grounding, drainage and organ sweeps. Flooding the body with supportive frequencies when neutralizing stressful microbes and metals, may cause a Herxheimer detox reaction or “herxing’ flu-like symptoms when organisms or toxins are neutralized. The customized Smart Cleanse includes programs to boost nutrition, organ drainage and open detoxification channels while reducing stress on your body. You can also use the 7 or 17-minute Herx-Help! program or customize your cleanse with self-selected highlights. AmpCoil helps to accelerate the healing and reduce suffering time, but is more effective with repeated use like building an immune muscle over time.

All-In-One System

PEMF and Intra-cellular Reach – AmpCoil is much more than a standard PEMF device. BetterGuide delivers frequencies to penetrate deeply into the body on an intra-cellular level and stimulate microcirculation throughout the body with many physiological benefits. Many other PEMF systems send a broadcast wave of frequencies, not always powerful enough to go intra-cellular and not always emitting the correct frequencies to neutralize microbes, metals and toxins. The AmpCoil offers a powerful, customized approach guaranteed to permeate the intracellular space of all cells and each and every organ system, lymph, blood and meridian plus nerves simultaneously in a large radius field, even penetrating hollow organs. This is a distinct advantage to past technologies like point probe resistance meters or other Rife generator technologies which address only one frequency at a time, do not penetrate hollow organs well, and may cause overload due to constant non-fluctuating tones instead of using natural waves. 


Customized/Personalized – PEMF experts have said there’s not one PEMF device for everyone. We used to agree, that’s why we created BetterGuide. It covers the entire physiology of the body and allows you to create a customized Smart Cleanse Journey each time after it scans your voice print when using voice analysis. BetterGuide automates the search for answers using the innate intelligence of the body to define the areas of weakness, noise, stress and imbalance. It prioritizes and educates you as to what frequencies your body is asking for by listening to signals from the body, allowing this technology to be personalized for everyone who uses it.


Proven Technologies – AmpCoil includes five proven technologies, which have already been separately tested and proven, all rolled into one modern device. These technologies include PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), bioresonance, amplifier (sound tech), frequency/tone generator and voice analysis biofeedback (tablet/BetterGuide), and modified Tesla coil. This combination allows the right frequencies to safely penetrate deep into the cell and reach the quantum level. 

The Wellness for Humanity Foundation ( is currently in the process of receiving funding to do FDA sanctioned IRB Studies on the AmpCoil. But they are in the funding stages. Should you wish to donate, please visit their website. 

You can also visit for videos and more. 

We also urge you to do your own research online. There is ample research available on PEMFs on and you can look up the thousands of proven effects of PEMFs and their applications in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) library as well.

"More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the effects of PEMF. Many of the initial studies have been carried out in Russia and Eastern Europe, but more and more research is now taking place in the U.S. Worldwide, more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, as well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function” - Bryan A. Meyers, “PEMF: The 5th Element of Health” 



Penetration of Hollow Organs – The AmpCoil penetrates hollow organs, unlike some other devices, which use only frequencies. Adding a magnetic field allows hollow air to vibrate whereas frequency generators usually only work through liquid media. The benefit is the magnetic wave is able to get inside the lungs and the colon and the parts of the brain that are hollow. The technology is noninvasive but very deeply penetrating. And by being able to move the coil directly to the area of focus, unlike other mats and pads on the market, this allows for personalized sessions.


For Everyone and All Ages – The AmpCoil is for everyone, at most times. It offers care for a lifetime for you and your family. Whether you’re combating microbes, recovering from sports injuries, improving gut health, promoting sleep or boosting your immune system, using of the AmpCoil will guide anyone at any stage in life.
Contraindications: The AmpCoil is not recommended for those who have a pacemaker, defibrillator, an insulin pump, ear cochlear implant or any other electronic metal implant. The device can be used if a person has metal plates or screws due to a bone fracture, however do not place the Coil directly over the area. The device is safe to use if inert metals like stainless steel or titanium but not for ferrite-based metals (meaning metals that can be magnetized or attracted to a magnet).


Easy Set Up in 10 Minutes – Plug the amplifier’s electrical cord into a wall outlet. Plug the modified Tesla coil speaker single XLR, 3-prong grounded/balanced mono audio cable into the amplifier. Insert the fuse into the fuse socket. Charge the tablet or plug into a wall outlet and connect its MP3 stereo jack to the amplifier. Power on the device and the tablet, then open the BetterGuide app and get started!


Wide range of Journeys – 100+ Journeys address stress, relaxation, sleep, hormone balancing, nutrition, microbes, metals, toxins, organ support, fitness, metabolism and sports injury, pain, stress, relaxation, peak performance, restoration, rejuvenation of mental emotional, physical and spiritual health,  and more. Journeys in the app will continue to increase as BetterGuide’s playlists expand. 


Session Duration – Journeys range from 3 to 33 minutes in detox or pre-programmed Smart Cleanse Journey as long as 60 minutes. In some cases, you can do more than one Journey in a session and do Journeys twice per day, ideally twice per week with rest days between.


Safety First – BetterGuide emits safe and effective beneficial tones and sound vibrations. Sometimes it’s beneficial to wait 90 hours between sessions to allow your body rest, especially if chronic illness or delicate constitution. Hydration is key during this process as is frequent meals.


Positive EMFs – Supportive grounding Earth frequencies, such as the Schumann Resonance, minerals, nutrition, left spin, chakra alignment, enzyme, color therapy and other positive healthful tones are the only ones used in BetterGuide. These are positive vibrations, known to magnetize and spin the body in proper electromagnetic and mechanical waves. The AmpCoil uses only perfect sine wave tuning vibrations, and does NOT emit harmful frequencies above 10,000 Hz such as those from X-Rays, lasers, cell towers, Wi-Fi, microwave, etc. 

Delivery System

Modified Tesla Coil Configuration – The Coil delivery system converts an electrical signal into a magnetic wave signal. The modified Doug Coil model was adapted with newer provisions to avoid overheating and it stays cool hours after use. This fluctuation of power depending on the frequency required, helps to heat then cool the coil and preserve the life of equipment, while saving electricity bills with lower power usage on higher bandwidth wavelengths.  The coil is designed to deliver a PEMF signal in a superb pure tone. The energy flows down through the center in a negative charge and up around the sides in a positive charge enabling a fountain-like toroidal vibrational pattern around the coil, producing a wide enough field and depth of penetration to envelope the entire body. Electronic devices should be kept at a distance greater than a 4 ft. radius (1.5 meters) from the coil.


Focused PEMF and Application Area – Focused PEMF means the closer the coil “speaker” is placed near the area of focus, the more directly it will target that area. Wherever you apply the modified Tesla coil speaker, is where the center of the toroidal, fountain-like pattern of sine waves blossoms, creating the most concentration. This fountain of waves radiates up to 8 ft. in diameter (2.4 meters), enveloping the entire body in positive vibrations.


Input/Output Power – Powered by a standard 110/220V, the electrical components are built to withstand a variance fluctuation. While input voltage remains constant, the output meter shows that the wattage varies in response to changing input frequencies, with peaks as high as 250 watts down to as low as 20 watts output. The device is protected on board with an 8 or 15 amp inline fuse, much the same as those used in many kitchen appliances such as an oven. This will protect the circuits in the unlikely case of a powerline spike. It’s not recommended to use other electronic devices at the same time on the same circuit. 


Waveform – Sine waveforms are generated and delivered through the high-powered coil, delivering a no-distortion, signal-to-noise ratio for a clean and effective signal. The wave is delivered initially as a frequency then converted through the modified Tesla coil speaker to a magnetic Gaussian field. As it pulses with various tones, the waveform varies every five seconds or so to avoid negative aversion or cell fatigue.


Carrier Wave: 10 Hz Magnetic Network – The magnetic waveform is carried on a 10 Hz magnetic network but fluctuates between 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz, which increases the flow of blood and microcirculation to deliver oxygen to the entire body and stimulate energy-rich ATP production (the master energy molecule of the metabolism). This also results in increasing the energy to the cells and and assisting in brainwave balancing, cell gating, superlearning and mental focus.


Pulses (or Cycles) per second – BetterGuide is a pure tone generator and sequencer in the range of 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz. The tones change every five seconds to avoid overload on any one frequency. Lower frequencies require more power from the amplifier. The fluctuation of the frequencies is key as it regulates the temperature of the coil, thus preserving its life and mimicking nature with fluctuating pulses not static ones. There are times that the coil has an actual feeling of movement but it’s the variance of the PEMFs that are being cycled through the coil by BetterGuide. You occasionally hear the pure tone pitch ringing from the coil.


Frequency Range Delivered – 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz


Exceptionally Clear Signal – Signal-to-noise ratio optimized to have zero distortion.


Intensity Options – By turning the volume up or down on the tablet, you can vary the intensity. The default volume is set at 60% to ensure the magnetic field is produced. Use higher volume only where tolerable or needed for larger body size or deeper penetration.



Gauss Rating – There’s a perception that a high Gauss reading at all times is optimal. However, the AmpCoil is designed so that Gauss is only part of what makes it so effective. High Gauss is only required for lower frequencies, as they demand more power, and higher frequencies require less. The brief intermittent burst of high power overcome the resistance of the lower frequencies (10 to 28.5 Hz). When output goes over 50 to 100 Hz, not as much power is required.  Since the frequency and tones so often vary in a session, the Gauss is always changing. AmpCoil is one of few devices on the market with this type of output.

For example, Rife generators and various other PEMF devices, emit a constant tone at steady power. AmpCoil’s power output fluctuates depending on the power levels being dictated by BetterGuide. Oscillating sequences are required to mimic natural magnetic fields in organs and to avoid under-penetration or overtreatment. Simultaneously, the magnetic field is gentle enough that it doesn’t create a reflex or overwhelm the nervous system but powerful enough to go deep into the cells.  Sometimes when Gauss is too strong, the body may resist it.  Also, many people are electro-sensitive and the AmpCoil’s Gauss isn’t engineered to cause an electro-physiological reflex. 


Device Details

The case meets current FAA size requirements for carry on luggage. We always recommend you travel with your AmpCoil.
PelicanTM 1510 Rolling Carry-On Case
Ext. Dimensions:
22.00” x 13.91” x 9.00” (L x W x H)
Portable durable, waterproof, shock proof
Weight: 37 lbs

The AmpCoil has the power to deliver perfect transmission. The powerful 300-watt amplifier drives a 100-watt magnetic PEMF coil speaker in perfect silence, with no wasted signal on distortion, or acoustic interference. Power consumption is standard wall 120V.


Modified Tesla Coil
With seamless construction to minimize connection, and thus preserve pure signal with no noise, we use a XLR balanced audio cable merged into a highly conductive wire for perfect transmission of signal.

Diameter: 8” x 1.5”
Inner Opening: 5”
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Wrapped plastic 

Android Tablet
BetterGuide app uses the Android tablet, an on-board sound card of high quality, and an MP3 cord for exporting tones to the amplifier for playback through the PEMF modified Tesla magnetic coil speaker.


Hardware Accessories

  • Android Tablet (w/ BetterGuide installed) and a spare extension cord and charger

  • AmpCoil Device w/ amplifier and detachable power cord

  • AmpCoil Modified Tesla Coil (applicator) w/ 6 ft. long XLR, 3-prong speaker cord

  • USB charging cord for convenience which is longer than the cord provided

  • MP3 cord to connect the Android tablet to the AmpCoil. High-fidelity cable is recommended.

A form-fitting foam tray houses and protects the coil and the 6 ft. shielded XLR grounded audio cable.

Our Business

Privacy Protected – BetterGuide has a straightforward business model. We do not sell your data.

Content Ownership – You own all of the content you put on the BetterGuide platform. We offer data portability.


Ad-Free –  We do not sell or run ads against your account. Your experience is ad free.

No Surprises – There is no surprise pricing during checkout, no additional charges, no long term contracts (with monthly plans), and no upselling.


FDA Approval – We do not intend to obtain FDA Approval for this safe, noninvasive technology. FDA approval limits the scope of use to only one category for which the application is made. We intend to support owners with a wide range of applications. 

Expertise and Experience – The AmpCoil team has a combined 300 years of experience in the health and wellness industry including bioenergetics, frequency therapy devices, engineering, allopathic, natural and integrative medicine, biofeedback, kinesiology, biology, information technology, energy medicine, engineering, marketing and philanthropy. We’re dedicated humanitarians who have donated our time, expertise and positive intention to creating this device. Several years in the making, this modern technology is meant to empower people to take responsibility for their wellness.

Reliable Service

Support – Guidance is provided to each new owner and is always available. Contact us through our website for quick access to live support. 


Email Support – AmpCoil offers email support 9am-5pm M-F, Sat. 9am-1pm Pacific Time. All customer care team members typically respond to help requests in about an hour.

Live Chat Support – AmpCoil offers live chat support on our website and from inside BetterGuide app. Chat support is open during weekdays from 9am to 5pm PST. All customer care team members typically respond to help requests in about an hour.


Return Policy – Cash/charge sales - AmpCoil maintains a return policy of 30 days with a 20% restocking fee, 90 days with a 40% restocking fee. All returns require that the AmpCoil device, tablet and coil be returned 'as received' condition with all parts and cords intact.

Manufacturer – Quality internationally-sourced parts are assembled in our facility in the U.S.A.


Shipping and Delivery – Customers outside of U.S. and Canada are responsible for all import duties and taxes. The AmpCoil device is shipped directly from the manufacturer within 2-to-4 weeks. Once shipped, allow seven business days for U.S. delivery (allow for additional time for international orders). A signature will be required upon delivery. Shipping fees are non-refundable. The Android tablet with BetterGuide installed and set-up for use is shipped with the device. 


International Use – Please inquire about use with electrical adaptors. The AmpCoil System requires proper use in any location outside North America. The device is designed for use with the 110-120V North American standard. Although the device can be used with a converter, this will be at the choice of the owner and will void the warranty.


Warranty Period

Main device – 90 days unlimited, two years on amplifier unit and components
Modified Tesla Coil: One year on coil (unlimited except for obvious misuse)
Cords: 90 days

In the unlikely event of defective equipment, contact AmpCoil for options and solutions. 

Damage due to misuse or abuse is not covered under the warranty. The warranty is null and void if the seals of the AmpCoil device are broken, or if the device has been tampered with in any way. This also includes the use of frequencies inputted by the owner that exceed our max frequency output of 10,000 hz should the circuit board show signs of excessive current upon inspection.

All shipping charges for warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer except in the case of devices received by customers in damaged condition and returned within the first 15 days and repairs deemed valid warranty. In this case, notify the Support Team immediately.

Return shipping labels are provided within the 90 day period for customer drop off at a UPS shipping station. Customer is responsible for packaging the device for shipment. 

Credit card may be required when replacement devices are shipped when original AmpCoil devices are not returned first. Customer will be charged if repair is deemed out of warranty conditions. Customer will be notified of any charges in advance. 

AmpCoil is designed for usage within the U.S. and Canada power grid systems only. Warranty repairs from outside of the U.S. or Canada may not be honored if determined to be the result of unstable power supply (at our discretion). 

All return shipping from outside of the U.S. and Canada are the responsibility of the customers and must first be authorized through the AmpCoil repair department. 

*The replacement of the fuse may be required to avoid unnecessary return of goods should a power surge occur. This fuse is designed to protect the unit. If blown, replace with a 8 or 15 amp/120V fuse.


Tablet –  AmpCoil offers a 30 day warranty on tablets. 

The tablet manufacturer offers a limited 12-month warranty for repairs or replacements that may include some charges by the manufacturer.

Tablet must be returned in the original box. Charger and power cords must be returned with tablet to avoid additional charges by manufacturer. 

Warranty does not cover user misuse, bent MP3 cords or connections.
Please contact AmpCoil support ( with any tablet issues. We will make every attempt to resolve any issues, prior to replacing the tablet. 


AmpCoil Technology -- Transfer of Ownership Policy:

As with all modalities, some people complete their process and move on with their healing journey and may choose to transfer their device to another user. We have found that the AmpCoil technology retains its value and a new owner will invest in this technology. As part of your transfer, please be aware that there is a $500.00 ownership transfer fee charged by AmpCoil for this transfer. This fee covers administrative costs, new tablet account setup, remote tablet setup support, software updates, warranty transfer, and owner support.

When transferring your AmpCoil unit, please contact at AmpCoil Customer Support to advise us of your intention to sell your unit. If your AmpCoil was financed and you have a remaining balance, please make sure it is paid off. We will require a proof of payment statement be given to AmpCoil and to the new owner, along with any warranty documents. This will provide the new owner the confidence that their “new” AmpCoil is owned free and clear. As part of the transfer, please provide the new owner’s name, phone number and email address. Please instruct the new owner that they will be required to register the device in their name and pay the $500.00 transfer fee by contacting, AmpCoil Customer Support.


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