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Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the AmpCoil platform offers.


Mobile App

BetterGuide – AmpCoil is a modern system powered by BetterGuide App through PEMF technology, a magnetic coil and amplifier. BetterGuide is an automated self-help, voice-guided customized sound technology for retraining, balancing and harmonizing the human biology using PEMF therapy. The user-friendly App includes two main features:

1) Biofeedback Voice Analysis. Listens to the signals from your body, then guides you to customized sound frequency programs (called Journeys) to help balance, nourish and strengthen the body.

2) Modern pure sound-tone generator. With over 100+ easy-to-use, pre-designed Journeys containing 10,000+ sound frequencies at your fingertips, you can support whole-body wellness and harmonize your body, mind and emotions.


Frequent App Updates – BetterGuide updates are sent directly to the dedicated tablet. The AmpCoil will always be cutting-edge technology and never be outdated because the program design team continues to make advancements to the App.


User-friendly, Intuitive – The self-administered App is ready to go when you hit Play. No matter your situation or ability to use a computer or smartphone, you will be able to use the AmpCoil, easily and effortlessly. BetterGuide requires internet access to login. Once logged in, those sensitive to Wi-Fi signals may choose to disconnect from the internet. The data is stored in a cloud, assisting in a comparative history of visits.


Biofeedback Voice Analysis – The Voice Analysis guides you to suggested areas that may benefit from improved balance. Choose the Smart Journey suggested to you based on your personalized voice analysis. The biofeedback is modeled on the same technology used in lie detector test. Using digital vital signs as stress indicators and based on degree of probability, it processes your voice print information mathematically (using algorithms), to show you the top vibrations of concern. By listening to the signals from the body, relevant supportive Journeys can be played back to rebalance progressive issues.

All-In-One System

Customized/Personalized – The AmpCoil system is a modern, intelligently designed, easy to use wellness tool that supports physical, emotional and mental well-being. BetterGuide supports whole-body wellness and allows you to create a customized Smart Journey each time you perform a voice analysis. The BetterGuide App automates the search for answers using the innate intelligence of the body to suggest possible areas of weakness, noise, stress and imbalance. It prioritizes and educates you as to what tones your body is asking for by listening to signals from the body, allowing this technology to be personalized for everyone who uses it.


Proven Technology – AmpCoil delivers personalized sound journeys through a magnetic coil to generate a beneficial PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field).

You can visit for videos and more information.

We also urge you to do your own research. There is ample research available on PEMFs on where you can look up the thousands of proven effects of PEMFs and their applications.

More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the effects of PEMF. Many of the initial studies have been carried out in Russia and Eastern Europe, but more and more research is now taking place in the United States. Worldwide, more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, as well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function
— Bryan A. Meyers, “PEMF: The 5th Element of Health”


For Everyone and All Ages – The AmpCoil supports whole-body balance and wellness.


Easy Set Up in 10 Minutes – Plug the amplifier’s electrical cord into a wall outlet. Plug the magnetic coil into the amplifier. Charge the tablet or plug into a wall outlet and connect its MP3 stereo jack or micro USB to the amplifier. Power on the device and the tablet, then open the BetterGuide App and get started!


Wide range of Journeys – 100+ Journeys support whole being wellness.


Session Duration – Journeys range from 3 to 60 minutes.


Safety First – BetterGuide emits safe and effective beneficial tones and sound vibrations.


Positive EMFs – The AmpCoil uses only sine wave tuning vibrations, and does NOT emit harmful frequencies above 10,000 Hz such as those from X-Rays, lasers, cell towers, Wi-Fi, microwave, etc.


The AmpCoil is not recommended for those who have a pacemaker, defibrillator, an insulin pump, ear cochlear implant or any other electronic metal implant. Always ask your doctor or medical professional if PEMF is right for you if you have an implanted device. AmpCoil is safe to use with inert metal implants such as stainless steel or titanium but is not for use with ferrite-based metals (meaning metals that can be magnetized or attracted to a magnet).


Waveform – Sine waveforms are generated and delivered through the coil, delivering a distortion-free, signal-to-noise ratio for a clean and effective signal.


Carrier Wave: 10 Hz Magnetic Network – The magnetic waveform is carried on a 10 Hz magnetic network and can fluctuate between 3 hz -10,000 hz (frequencies delivered depend on app version), which may increase the flow of blood and microcirculation to deliver oxygen to the entire body and stimulate energy-rich Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production.


Pulses (or Cycles) per second – BetterGuide is a pure tone sound generator and sequencer in the range of 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz. The tones change every five seconds to avoid overload on any one frequency.


Frequency Range – 3 Hz to 10,000 Hz (frequencies delivered depend on app version)


Exceptionally Clear Signal – Signal-to-noise ratio optimized.


Device Details

Amplifier is built into AmpCoil’s own, ruggedized hard, black case.

Smaller, more efficient design - the size of a purse, and can fit in a backpack!

• Dimensions: 13” L x 12” W x 6” H
• Overall Weight: ~12 lbs (including Amplifier, Coil & Tablet)

The AmpCoil device connects to the tablet via a digital audio cord with USB micro B connectors. There is also an option to connect via a standard auxiliary audio cord, but digital is recommended.

International Capabilities
AmpCoil 3.0 contains a built-in automatic 110/220V power sensor that switches between US: 110V and International 220V - so it works where 110 or 220 voltages are available. It doesn’t work in all countries, but it works in most. It also has a standard 3-prong plug, so a plug adapter may be needed for international use.

The fan only comes on when the amplifier is operating/running a journey.

Automatic Shut-off
After 13 minutes, the amplifier and fan will automatically shut off.

Indicator Lights

• Left blue light illuminates when amplifier is activated.
• Right blue light illuminates when the coil is working and PEMF is flowing (light is intermittent during journeys).


Dedicated Tablet: AmpCoil 3.0 comes with a new dedicated “AmpCoil-branded” tablet with Digital or Analog audio output.

  • Dedicated: The dedicated “AmpCoil” brand tablet ensures that WE have

    control over all updates both to the tablet’s internal operating system and to the

    BetterGuide App. (Commercial brands from other manufacturers have their own

    update schedule for the Android Operating System.)

  • Digital: The Digital audio output uses a USB “Micro B” connector from tablet to

    amplifier. It ensures a 1:1 correlation from tablet to coil and protects the integrity

    of the Journeys which are digitally generated. Digital audio is recommended, and

    is a better choice for people in cities or in the path of substantial electrical


  • Analog Option: The standard auxiliary cord (analog output) is also available for

    customers who prefer to use analog.


AmpCoil Coil: Standard AmpCoil Coil is included with the AmpCoil 3.0 package.


1. one (1) 6 ft USB digital audio cord

2. one (1) 1.5 ft USB digital audio cord

3. one (1) 6 ft Auxiliary analog audio cord

Our Business

Privacy Protected – BetterGuide has a straightforward business model. We do not sell your data.

Content Ownership – You own all of the content you put on the BetterGuide platform. We offer data portability.


Ad-Free –  We do not sell or run ads against your account. Your experience is ad free.

No Surprises – There is no surprise pricing during checkout, no additional charges, no long term contracts (with monthly plans), and no upselling.

Reliable Service

Support – Guidance setting up and using your device is provided to each new owner and is always available. Contact us through our website for quick access to support.


Live Chat Support – AmpCoil offers live chat support on our website and from inside BetterGuide App. Chat support is open during weekdays from 9am to 5pm PST. All customer care team members typically respond to help requests in one hour during business hours.


Manufacturer – Quality internationally-sourced parts are assembled in our facility in the USA.


Return Policy – Cash/charge sales - AmpCoil maintains a return policy of 30 days with a 20% restocking fee, 90 days with a 40% restocking fee. All returns require that the AmpCoil device, tablet and coil be returned in 'as received' condition with all parts and cords intact.


International Use – AmpCoil 3.0 automatically alternates to accommodate usage internationally. Supports both 110V and 220V.


Shipping – Shipping is included in the purchase price for delivery in the continental United States. International shipping charges, and any customs or duties for International shipments, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Warranty Period

Main Device – 90 days unlimited, two years on amplifier unit and components


Magnetic Coil – One year on coil (unlimited except for obvious misuse)


Cords – 90 days


In the unlikely event of defective equipment, contact AmpCoil for owner support.

Damage due to misuse or abuse is not covered under the warranty. The warranty is null and void if the seals of the AmpCoil device are broken, or if the device has been tampered with in any way. This includes the use of frequencies inputted by the owner that exceed our maximum frequency output of 10,000 Hz, should the circuit board show signs of excessive current upon inspection.

All shipping charges for warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer except in the case of devices received by customers in damaged or faulty condition and returned within the first 15 days, and repairs deemed valid under warranty. In this case, notify the Support Team immediately.

Return shipping labels are provided within the 90 day period for customer drop off at a UPS shipping station. Customer is responsible for properly packaging the device for shipment.

Credit card may be required when replacement devices are shipped prior to return of the original AmpCoil device. Customer will be charged if repair is deemed to be out of warranty conditions. Customer will be notified of any charges in advance.

AmpCoil is designed for usage within the U.S. and Canada power grid systems and countries where 110 or 220 voltages are available. Warranty repairs from outside of the U.S. or Canada may not be honored if determined to be the result of unstable or dirty electricity supply (at our discretion).

All return shipping from outside of the U.S. and Canada are the responsibility of the customer and must first be authorized through the AmpCoil repair department.


Tablet – AmpCoil offers a 90 day warranty on the new AmpCoil branded tablet, and a 30 day warranty on previous models of tablets.

The tablet manufacturer offers a limited 12-month warranty for repairs or replacements that may include some charges by the manufacturer.

Tablet must be returned in the original box. Charger and power cords must be returned with tablet to avoid additional charges by manufacturer.

Warranty does not cover user misuse, bent aux cords or connections.

Please contact AmpCoil support ( with any tablet issues. We will make every attempt to resolve any issues prior to replacing the tablet.

AmpCoil Technology

Transfer of Ownership Policy – As with all modalities, some people complete their process and move on with their wellness journey and may choose to transfer their device to another user. We have found that the AmpCoil technology retains its value and a new owner will invest in this technology. As part of your transfer, please be aware that there is a $500.00 ownership transfer fee charged by AmpCoil for this transfer. This fee covers administrative costs, new tablet account setup, remote tablet setup support, software updates, warranty transfer, and owner support.

When transferring your AmpCoil unit, please contact at AmpCoil Customer Support to advise us of your intention to sell your unit. If your AmpCoil was financed and you have a remaining balance, please make sure it is paid off in full prior to transfer request. We will require a proof of payment statement be given to AmpCoil and to the new owner, along with any warranty documents. This will provide the new owner the confidence that their “new” AmpCoil is owned free and clear. As part of the transfer, please provide the new owner’s name, phone number and email address. Please instruct the new owner that they will be required to register the device in their name and pay the $500.00 transfer fee by contacting, AmpCoil Customer Support.

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