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NASA Says PEMF Necessary For Life - Foster Immunity With Healthy Vibrations


Get Back In Tune Using AmpCoil PEMF Device

Published NASA Studies on the health of astronauts proved the critical role of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) necessary for life. Without the earth's pulsing electromagnetic shield around us, we lose balance and direction and ultimately could die. 

We designed and built AmpCoil and the BetterGuide app to help protect this delicate necessary human shield, especially in today’s world, heavily polluted with negative EMF from towers, microwaves, WiFi, etc, not to mention the air, water and ground pollution exposures affecting our overall wellbeing. 

AmpCoil can support you in maintaining your natural defense systems.  IMMUNITY is your best defense.

Not Your Grandad's Rife Machine

It's a customized PEMF system. 

Experience a deeper, faster, and safer way to fully experience a new type of biofeedback + PEMF device for stress, pain, relaxation, peak performance, Bioterrain balancing, nutrition support, and tuning and toning organ systems from the comfort of your home, saving time, money and minimizing worry.

The AmpCoil system utilizes proprietary voice analysis app, called BetterGuide, a powerful amplifier and a modified Tesla coil. It’s portable and affordable and can be up and running within minutes. Finally, all the tools are in place to identify your own body’s stress indicators, and respond to them with tones and frequencies to harmonize the body. 

The AmpCoil delivers non-invasive sound waves in a LOCALIZED OSCILLATING NATURAL FIELD via PEMF. Ultimately this field helps to better mimic, entrain and restore the true vibrational balance or tone of natural and optimal body systems, support with cleansing and to assist in longevity and overall wellness.

BetterGuide provides guidance for an effective, new delivery system of PEMF with virtually no learning curve or reported adverse side effects.

AmpCoil Mimics Nature's Oscillations

We built AmpCoil to OSCILLATE like nature for TUNING the Human Instrument.

  • Biofeedback
  • PEMF
  • Modified TESLA coil
  • Powerful modern amplifier


Our design engineers built a truly unique modified Doug coil and electromagnetic pulse tech to adequately supply UNIQUE POWER REQUIREMENTS TOLERABLE TO THE HUMAN BODY.

Magnetic PEMF Speaker Coil


Think of the coil like a stereo speaker but instead of using a woofer and linear sound waves, the speaker coil delivers a non-invasive fountain of energy in the form of PEMF (PULSING ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD) for powerful SURROUND SOUND, penetrating deeply into the cells, brain an hollow organs. 

The coil uses newer engineering, form fitting shape, lighter weight and human contours for better fit. The length of coil is optimized for the bandwidths used and is a hollow circle for optimal delivery. 

This VIBRATIONAL SOUND VORTEX can vibrate at 200 volts, 1800 watts, tolerates high resistance at low frequencies without overheating, and thus may improve delivery with excellent tolerability and no reported adverse side effects.

BetterGuide app


Voice Analysis offers suggested results via biofeedback for the most distorted areas of your body needing attention (organs, nutrition & cleansing), as identified by a mismatch called Harmonic Discordance. The weakest link of "out of tune" vibrations in your body are then visited early each time you do a session, helping correct body harmonics over time. This "First Do No Harm" methodology, provides a self-help tool with low risk, high safety, excellent penetration, low noise or distortion, pure signaling, with pure overtones, delivered with excellent acoustic fidelity, to help stimulate and retrain normal organ resonance.

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Studies show the effectiveness of PEMF for:

  • Antioxidant Stimulation
  • Improved Nutritional Uptake
  • Cellular Energy Improvement, ATP Production
  • Enhanced Cellular Oxygenation
  • Reduced Sports Recovery Time
  • Detoxification
  • Improved Microcirculation

Studies show the effectiveness of BIOFEEDBACK for:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Discomfort Relief
  • Positive Behavior Reinforcement
  • Mental Focus
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Cognitive Improvements
  • Neuromuscular Re-education

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