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Did you know that using the AmpCoil can significantly reduce chronic Lyme symptoms?

New statistics reveal that consistent use improves quality of life.


Over 89% of users report a
84-93% reduction of their symptoms.

*Reported by AmpCoil users in the Wellness for Humanity Lyme to Wellness Program


Initial Data from Wellness for Humanity Foundation’s Lyme to Wellness Program

*Data represents 4 months or less of consistent usage from a small sample size which represents the entire body of users that comprise the WFHF Lyme to Wellness Program participants


Wellness For Humanity Foundation has chosen the AmpCoil as the initial technology to make available to those in need. 

WFH Foundation identifies technologies that help those experiencing the devastating effects of Lyme and Chronic Autoimmune Disease restore wellness in their lives so they can thrive.

WFH Foundation’s Lyme to Wellness program awards AmpCoil devices to recipient families with three or more family members, clinically diagnosed with Lyme disease, for four months of continuous home use for each member of the household.


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Founder Aaron Bigelow discusses his experience with Lyme disease and his drive and vision to overcome his challenges.

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