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Practitioners like Gary see shifts in patients using AmpCoil.

AmpCoil: Sound technology which is safe and you can use right from home. Many people with lyme find it:

  • Provides more energy, stamina and health

  • Increases memory and mental clarity

  • Improves digestion

  • Reduces the need for other treatments



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 The AmpCoil is our signature health tool, and was developed by our founder, Aaron Bigelow, to successfully overcome his own debilitating Lyme disease.

In fact, Wellness For Humanity Foundation, a not for profit 501c3 dedicated to Restoring Hope through Evidence-Based solutions has chosen AmpCoil as the first technology to make available to those experiencing the debilitating effects of Lyme disease.

WFHF works to identify, and increase access to health restoring technologies from around the globe. In short, we are a community of lymies that support individuals and families overcome the symptoms of Lyme disease and other Autoimmune conditions.

 More Success Stories 


AmpCoil Experience - Christine

"The IV treatments, the doctors appointments, it all is so much compared to the AmpCoil."

"AmpCoil has given me hope and a conception of a future."


AmpCoil Experience - Ken

Ken worked outdoors and came down with Lyme. Nothing was working.


AmpCoil Experience - Donna

"It is gentle, powerful and user friendly. I feel better. Everyone should have one."


AmpCoil Experience - Avery

Avery couldn't imagine ever being able to move, eat or to enjoy life. That changed after she discovered AmpCoil.


AmpCoil Experience - Emma

Emma has Lyme Disease and was able to get back on her feet after a couple months of using AmpCoil.

"I'm able to contribute to my household and community like I wasn't able to.


Ampcoil Experience - Linda

Linda and her 5 children have Lyme Disease. She is seeing results from sessions with the AmpCoil.


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+1 (415) 231-2971

…Or Message us now by clicking the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


 Cleanse, Shift and Transform with Vibration


 How it works – Over the years, we have developed finely tuned and tested programs that restore the body’s natural balance, specifically for those for people that have Lyme Disease.

Our custom tones work through voice analysis that ensure you are getting the most important frequencies delivered to where your body needs them most.


With biofeedback voice analysis built right into the app, you’ll receive customized frequencies based on the signals coming from your body, which support enhanced wellness often reducing the symptoms of Lyme and co-infections. Imaging relaxing during your weekly sound sessions, right in your own home.

Sound Technology for Lyme supports healthy bio-terrain balance, allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to work properly, as nature intended.

Lyme organisms burrow deeply into cells, often hidden from detection. By balancing the energy of the cell, the cell becomes more resistant to the hidden forms of Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Because PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic field) help reduce inflammation and pain, while improving circulation and oxygenation of the blood, they generally improve and support the value of other Lyme treatments by acting as a whole-body battery recharger.


*Over 89% of users report a 84-93% reduction of their symptoms.


Energy Improvement – cells need fuel, oxygen and energy to operate. PEMF boosts their voltage like a battery recharger

Cleansing and detoxification – opens cell membranes and helps the cell to eliminate waste for better organ drainage


 Get in Tune. Easy-to-use sound technology for the entire family

The first step in your new path to wellness is to message or call us and get a demo. We have demos available across the US. Alternatively, You can come into our HQ in Nevada City from Monday – Friday from 9-5pm.