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If you’re a NES, Zyto, SCIO, BEMER, MRS 2000, owner or someone who has acquired and learned a similar technology, then you are deeply dedicated and passionate about helping others – just like we are. Many on our team are seasoned practitioners and have been involved with bio-energetic devices for decades. Our passion for empowering others kept us asking: what is next? And after years of development with leading doctors, engineers, and bio-energetic researchers from North America, AmpCoil was born.


The Challenge

Most bio-energetic devices do not possess all the features and advancements in engineering that allow the user to quickly feel competent and capable and achieve significant results with a broad spectrum of health conditions in a short amount of time. Devices can be costly, require extensive training, and involve a lot of time in front of a computer screen analyzing results.


The All-in-One Solution

Originally developed as a wellness tool to help Lyme disease suffers, today AmpCoil can help neutralize microbes, metals and toxins, which are the main cause of autoimmune illnesses and many of society’s health problems. 

The AmpCoil was designed with the following features in mind: more power, more precision, more results – and all in less time and with fewer costs. It is an all-in-one solution for self-administered, natural care that empowers people to be stewards of their own health and create wellness within their family and community. 

Since the introduction of bio-energetic devices, technology has made significant advancements beyond simple biofeedback and PEMF. AmpCoil has merged several technologies, creating a practitioner-grade, high-powered magnetic field for the delivery of customized vibrational tones. The result is a simple, yet powerful device that can be used in the home or the practitioner’s office and be learned in less than an hour.


Five Proven Technologies.
Merged and Refined.

AmpCoil is modern sound technology, which uses PEMF and a voice-guided, biofeedback app, called BetterGuide. BetterGuide then utilizes its extensive mathematical algorithms to play back your personalized vibrational tones, emitting them deeply into the cells of the body. This safe PEMF process uses a modified Tesla Coil and an amplifier, acting similarly to a high-powered tuning fork for your body. The result is that the harmonics for fungus, bacteria, virus, spriochetes, parasites, and other microbes in the body become neutralized and the organs, nutrition, and emotion harmonics regain their ideal tones. By addressing the root causes of bio-energetic imbalance, all while minimizing detox reactions, the human biology quickly begins to return to the balanced and harmonized state that nature intended.

  • Bioresonance - built-in tone generator programmed with Rife, Hulda Clark, and proprietary frequency sets called Journeys related to organs, nutrition, microbes, metals, toxins and more.
  • Biofeedback - includes Voice Analysis via BetterGuide app for precise identification of recommended wellness journeys vs trial and error approach. 
  • Tesla - Modified Tesla coil used as a resonant transformer to transmit pulsed waves of electromagnetic vibrational tones, enveloping the body while able to focus on a target area.
  • PEMF - Pulsed electromagnetic field delivery system through a modified Tesla Coil for intracellular penetration vs electrical systems, which stop at bones, muscles, and nerves.
  • Sound - high-quality amplifier for a powerful sonic transmission

It’s simple.
Tap “Play” and enjoy the journey.

BetterGuide, the tone generator for the AmpCoil, is a tablet-based app designed with you and the client in mind. It is developed to take the power of AmpCoil and with a few taps let you compose the right session for each case. No complicated computer technology getting in the way of you working towards health and happiness. 

BetterGuide is packed with playlists of pre-designed frequency sets called Journeys. The individual biofeedback voice analysis suggests Journeys of highest priority. Tap Play, sit back and transform your bio-energetic body.

  • Analyzes the voice and translates stress indicators
  • Identifies patterns and ranks health harmonic priorities
  • Delivers ideal frequency codes unique to the individual

It’s a fast and safe new option for managing wellness, saving both time and money.


A sound decision.
For you and for the well-being of your clients.


biofeedback / PEMF devices


$$$ Costly

  • Months or years to master
  • Expensive training
  • Support restrictions
  • Uses electrodes
  • Stops at the bones, muscles, nerves
  • No screen interaction
  • Constant computer monitoring
  • Sessions are 1 to 3 hours
  • Help 3 to 4 people per day
  • Costly update fees

All-in-one system


Costs 40-70% less

  • Ready in an hour
  • Training is free
  • Unlimited free support in the U.S.
  • Uses modified Tesla coil
  • Intracellular, crosses blood-brain barrier
  • Voice analysis & player interface
  • Create a playlist, sit back & relax
  • Complete sessions in 30–60 mins
  • Help even more people
  • Free BetterGuide updates

Do more with less

There is a good chance you healed yourself or a family member before you started helping others. You’ve been working for years and may be ready for a new way to help more people in less time, freeing up your schedule to do more – or less. With the AmpCoil you are equipped for the next generation in biofeedback, focused PEMF, and  bioresonance sound transmission. And since we developed AmpCoil from the ground up, we made sure that updates, training and everything else you need are so efficient and affordable that it is actually more economical to switch to AmpCoil than to upgrade an existing biofeedback or PEMF device.


What experienced biofeedback practitioners say

  • I have been using an Ampcoil for about 3 or 4 months and have found the outcome pretty remarkable. I have several clients I have used it with that have severe depression and if we run the “Positivity Journey”, they can move through their day in ways that they haven't been able to for quite some time.
    — Carrie Uselman
  • I met my partner about a year and a half ago and she informed me that she had her 20 year old son living at home, suffering from Lyme disease. The AmpCoil was discovered and what a difference it made for him in a short period of time. Seeing him start to experience life, having friendships, working again, being a social butterfly.
    — Joe Lindsay
  • I have had the AmpCoil several months and I came from a place of having migraines two or three times a week. I am now able to function normally and go about my day and not be stuck in a room, in the house, for hours and days. Actually my whole entire being has really changed.
    — Lynelle Wampler
  • I was having long term migraine headaches. A friend of mine gave me one treatment with the AmpCoil. Within a few hours the headache disappeared and it was gone for two weeks. I had another session over a month ago and the headache has not come back.
    — Paul Doyan

Get better support so you can give better support

Your ability to help your clients is only as good as the tools you have. We at AmpCoil know this, which is why our support doesn't stop when you buy our system. We are just as passionate about helping as you are, so BetterGuide app constantly improves itself via free updates and our team of experts is always there for your questions and requests and you can contact them online or call them.


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Join us in the future of biofeedback and PEMF technology. We will let you expand your bio-energetic skill set and enable you to help your clients, friends, and community even more than now with AmpCoil.


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