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Nutrition Overview

As with any new program, success depends on your commitment and ability to change existing habits - opening the way to create new ones that better serve you in health.

All AmpCoil Journeys begin with a 30 Day Detox Journey - no exceptions. This allows your body to open and release old patterns that can limit your self healing journey and affect how you feel along the way.

A major part of this journey is opening the pathways of elimination prior to and during your initial 30 Day Detox Journey and supporting your body along the way through supplementation.. Some detox symptoms during any detox are to be expected, and are completely normal. Our goal is to assist you in making this detox as minimal as possible.

We have selected a package of three detox and support products that we feel will help and support you best. We cannot insist that you take these products but we can highly suggest that they will make your journey easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The product will be shipped to you expedited and you can start immediately, even if before the receipt of your AmpCoil. It will give you a good foundation to start coiling.

Detox ordering made easy

The beginning of a program is always the hardest to get used to. We are here to support you on that and aside from the coiling you will have to prepare yourself to eliminate the toxins your body will give off. This is a normal process and is actually one of the reasons, in our opinion, that you have had a hard road to wellness and recovery. 
We highly recommend that you begin our detox process and we have chosen proven products that we know work. The whole body detox will help you eliminate and the  Curcumin  will give a great boost to your immune system, because it to can be weakened through this initial process. We ask that you purchase both these items and they can be found at these links of the 2 part process.

Step 1

First click the blue button below and place the product in your cart. That will place the "Whole Body Detox" in your basket.


Whole Body & Colon Cleanse

  • 2 Bottles Of Formulated Herbs
  • 100% Natural
  • Easy To Take
  • Able To Dissolve And Wash Away Internal Sediment
  • The Whole Body And Colon Formula are designed to eliminate impurities over a 3 month period. 

What The Program Does:
The Colon Program cleanses your colon and intestines.
The Whole Body Program helps to cleanse the body.


Step 2

Next click the blue button below for the "Curcumin x4000" and you can then proceed to check out for the cart.



  • An Increased Antioxidant Capacity
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • May Help The Digestive System, Liver, & Gallbladder
  • May Help Normal Eye Health
  • When Consumed As Part Of Your Healthy Daily Nutrition

Curcumin (from Turmeric) has been used in the diet for thousands of years for its antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal properties. However, due to its inherent poor absorbency, high doses of ordinary Curcumin 95% have been needed to achieve the dramatic effects show in worldwide studies.


Step 3

As always, if you have any questions please contact us.