AmpCoil Create Journey Disclaimer

Step 3 - Almost there

In order to clarify our position and mutual responsibility in health guidance, we at ask for you to read and please sign the Create Journey disclaimer. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding use of the AmpCoil contact us.

Create Journey Disclaimer
The developers of AmpCoil and BetterGuide understand that each individual is unique and that some may desire to develop their own unique pattern of biofeedback sequences for use within the BetterGuide Custom Journey selection. While the company Standard Journeys and Custom Programs have been expertly developed for ultimate benefit and are recommended, AmpCoil/BetterGuide App users may wish to explore using the Custom program in an order of their choosing. Custom programs are intended for use by those trained and familiar with frequency selection of neurofeedback and coiling techniques. Anyone using this section of the BetterGuide APP and AmpCoil does so at their own risk. Anyone using frequencies beyond our predetermined Journeys do so at their own risk. Users choosing their own frequencies must comply with the manufacturer's technical specifications and limits of equipment. The AmpCoil / BetterGuide is designed to run frequencies up to 2400hz. Meaning that your choices must be under that number. Anyone using frequencies above 2400hz may overheat the coil and therefore void any warranties on equipment. Most frequencies can be effectively found under the 2400hz range. Some frequencies may be adapted from higher ones to accepted use levels contact www.ampcoil/support with questions on this topic. Custom Journeys are intended to be used after standard organ preparation and our 30 Step Detox Journey in order to prevent or minimize unpleasant detoxification reactions. Therefore, we recommend this device be used in conjunction with appropriate manufacturer's technical and best practices usage training Protocols located at will not be held responsible for any liability whatsoever arising from intended or unintended consequences of use and are hereby indemnified from all harm or responsibility in your custom use of this technology.
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By signing this form, I certify that I have read and accepted the AmpCoil company policy on Creating Custom Journey’s and agree to terms and practices as stated above and that all AmpCoil users do so at their own risk.
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