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Contraindications and Precautions for using Focused-PEMF

If you have any questions or concerns regarding use of the AmpCoil contact us.

Personal disclaimer
I understand that the AmpCoil, BetterGuide App, Health Evolution Tech along with any person operating the Ampcoil system will not diagnose, evaluate, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent an nutritional, medical or psychological disease, disorder or condition. I further understand none of the previous mentioned will advise, recommend, suggest or counsel me on any medical, dietary, emotional or psychological treatment, condition, disorder or disease of any kind. I further understand it is my responsibility to continue my medication and remain under the care of my primary physician.
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1. Women who are pregnant (or nursing) and anyone having a pacemaker should not use a coil machine. 2. The coil should not be placed directly on metal plates, implants, or rods. 3. Precautions regarding electrical devices and magnetic fields should be taken. Magnetic fields can scramble data on hard drives, cell phones, flash drives, and credit cards. 4. No cure or improvement of a medical condition is promised or implied. The AmpCoil is currently classified and used as experimental investigation into the side effects of electromagnetic frequencies and magnetic fields, and not yet approved for the treatment of any disease or condition by the Federal Drug Administration or any other government, public, or private agency. 5. Users having serious medical conditions should seek the advice of a competent and trained medical personnel before purchasing or using an AmpCoil system. 6. Do not substitute the use of the AmpCoil and/or Better Guide App for medical advice and counseling. 7. It is understood that human biological responses to AmpCoil system are not fully researched and accepts all responsibility for the use of this device. 8. The user of a coil machine cannot hold the manufacturer or related parties of this coil machine responsible for any consequences that may result from this device.
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