Testimonial 9

“Having used biofeedback and PEMF devices throughout my career, the AmpCoil is everything I’ve used in the past all wrapped up into one. And the some of its parts is far more powerful than each device I’ve used individually. I’ve never seen such quick results using a device. In fact, being overly confident, because I’ve used so many devices, I dove into cleansing with the AmpCoil and surprised myself with a profound healing.”

     — Erina Cowan, P.A. (Boulder, Colorado)
Co-founder, Blue Sun Energetics and ‘Mind Field Repatterning’™; Licensed Spiritual Health Coach; Certified Quantum Health Coach

Testimonial 8

“My home and office are filled with bio-energetic devices. The AmpCoil is the only one I use now because it does it all! What has surprised me most is experiencing and seeing the mental, emotional, and spiritual body shift so dramatically as the physical body becomes in tune. The AmpCoil is beyond a wellness tool...it’s transformation tool that facilitates living our divine design.”

     — Geneva Bigelow (Nevada City, California)
Founder Enlighten Living, Author, Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Testimonial 7

“I’ve been using bio-energetic technology since 1998. These technologies have allowed me to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. I’m utterly pleased on all levels with the AmpCoil vs. other biofeedback devices I’ve used. From the learning curve to training to the ease of use – it’s a wonderful device! My chronic immune-compromised clients have shifted faster than I expected after each session as the body’s immune system responds to the AmpCoil’s frequency signatures.“

     — Judy Smith (Costa Mesa, California)
Founder Health Wavez, Inc.; Biofeedback Specialist since 1998

Testimonial 6

“I’ve been working with fabulous energy medicine devices for the past 15 years. While I’ve found that while most people experience improvements, not all are able to hold the benefit of those improvements from session to session, or long term. With the addition of the AmpCoil, I’m seeing a significant increase in sustainable results. I’m personally using it daily, as well as with my clients, friends and family and I absolutely love it! I’ve found that the more my clients have consistent access to entrainment technology, the more improvement they experience due to the consistency of the entrainment process. The AmpCoil has added exponential benefit to my practice, and to my life.“

     — Jacqui Neulinger (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
CEO, Dominus Cervix Int’l, Inc; Co-founder, QBAA; Certified Biofeedback Specialist; Certified Stress Reduction Specialist; Certified Pain management Specialist

Testimonial 5

“For the ease and speed of use, and especially for the power increase necessary for the improved penetration of hollow organs and lower bandwidth for brain and deep organ cleansing, the portable AmpCoil is my #1 technology and I’m honored to have played a role in developing it.“

     — Dr. Deborah Drake, BSc, MD(ret), IMD, DHS, CBS, CQI, DO(MP) (Toronto, Canada)
Auric. Therapist; Integrative Medical Doctor; Director, Department of Bioenergetics; Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine; BetterGuide Program Developer

Testimonial 4

“I have used other biofeedback devices, and comparing the learning curve with AmpCoil vs. other devices, the AmpCoil comes out on top! I’ve not had a lot of computer training throughout my life, but I was able to use the AmpCoil easily. The entire set-up process wasn’t intimidating. The instructions were easy to understand and the device is extremely user-friendly. I transitioned off of another biofeedback device that I was learning because the AmpCoil was so easy to use and also effective.“

     — Terry Warren (Copperas Cove, Texas)
Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Phlebotomist; Biofeedback practitioner; Sound Therapy Technician

Testimonial 3

“The AmpCoil is the next step in the evolution of transformation technology. It offers greater simplicity and much greater effectiveness. My personal feeling has been that if there’s an ultimate pathway to wellness, that it must be simple. It needs to be available to everyone at all levels of understanding. I immediately recognized in the AmpCoil the synergy between biofeedback, PEMF and the proven benefits of sound therapy with this elegantly simple leap forward in wellness technology.“

     — Dave Cowan (Boulder, Colorado)
Co-founder, Blue Sun Energetics and ‘Mind Field Repatterning’™; Licensed Spiritual Health Coach; Certified Quantum Health Coach; Certified Nutrition Consultant

Testimonial 2

“The SCIO was quite effective in relieving symptoms of Lyme, but due to the complexities of how Lyme hides within the cells and hollow organs, my results were never long lasting. Then I discovered the AmpCoil. The program can be learned in less than an hour. It’s a truly ‘push and play’ device, which relies on voice analysis. No diagnostics appear. Now all of the first-generation frequency devices have been replaced with a PEMF delivery system that reaches the inner cells and hollow organs. I’m seeing results like never before and in half the time!“

    — Lori Marcus (Lake Tahoe, California)
Director of Support, Health Evolution Tech, Inc; Quantum Biofeedback Diplomate