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Shift Your Vibration With Resonant Frequencies


Get In Tune Using AmpCoil

Music Makes Life Easier as all the world’s cultures know and revere. Your Body too is an orchestra pit of instruments called organs wanting to play together in tune, in harmony and in sync.

All of us want to express our best selves in our song of life, yet need a pitch pipe to get in TUNE first. Isn’t it time you gave yourself a tune up? AMPCOIL BETTERGUIDE HAS A SOLUTION : A HUMAN TUNER and HUMAN SPEAKER SYSTEM for Measuring and Monitoring Stress Indicators and Retraining you through neuro-biofeedback to SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION toward Normal.

AMPCOIL can “Shift your Vibration” with Personalized Musical TUNING TONES to help retrain your PITCH and thus EQUILIBRIUM to sound and feel better easily. This is accomplished  through our merging into a unique custom technology proven hardware and software united into a new HUMAN Stereo System called AMPCOIL and BETTERGUIDE SOFTWARE TONE GENERATOR with healing guiding ALGORHYTHMS Called BRAVE WAVE JOURNEYS.

Our breakthrough is in providing the right amount of Fluctuating Power at  Variable Reactance and amperage to correct these lower 12 octaves of vibrations necessary for Human Health.  In doing so, we conquered the old problems of amplifier burn out or coil overheating by fluctuating the power needed for each  element or organ of the body with BETTERGUIDE app time and intensity limiters.

Finally our software GUIDANCE SYSTEM overcame the power amp hardware limitations  allowing for a self help home unit that is safe enough for a child to use.

Not Your Grandad's Rife Machine

SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION - toward a more balanced normal

Experience a deeper, faster, and safer way to fully experience a new type of biofeedback device for stress pain and relaxation or peak performance from the comfort of your home, saving time, money and worry.

The AmpCoil system (modified rife machine technology) utilizes proprietary voice analysis app and tone / frequency delivering hardware.  It’s portable and affordable and can be up and running within minutes. Finally all the tools are in place to identify your own body’s stress indicators, and respond to them.

The AmpCoil coiling PEMF machine delivers non invasive sound wave therapy in a LOCALIZED FLUCTUATING NATURAL FIELD via Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields called PEMF. Ultimately this FIELD ENHANCEMENT helps to better mimic, entrain and restore the true vibrational balance or TONE of normal BODY SYSTEMS, DEFENSES & DETOX MECHANISMS to assist in anti-aging, peak performance and overall wellness through STRESS, PAIN and RELAXATION Biofeedback.

Our app provides guidance for an effective, new delivery system of PEMF Neuro-biofeedback with virtually no learning curve or reported adverse side effects.

 Fluxing Amp Coiling Machine Mimics Nature's Oscillations 

Nature Oscillates. We Vibrate too! So we built an AmpCoil (magnetic pulse machine) that OSCILLATES like nature for TUNING the Human Instrument.

Our unique attempt to assist in this promoting vital vibrations lies in the use of NOVEL NATURALIZING AmpCoil PEMF device, modified from TESLA COILs, into a streamlined modern amplifier that can deliver more easily, safely, reliably deliver NATURAL, HEALTHY FLUCTUATING SOUND WAVES CALLED F-PEMF.

Our design engineers built a truly unique modified Doug coil and electromagnetic pulse machine to adequately supply to UNIQUE FLUXING POWER REQUIREMENTS TOLERABLE TO THE HUMAN BODY FOR SELF CLEANING AUGMENTATION & BALANCE.

Magnetic PEMF Speaker (Coil)


Think of the COIL like a Stereo speaker, but instead of using a woofer and linear sound waves, the AMPCOIL SPEAKERS delivers a non-invasive fountain of energy in the form of PEMF (PULSING ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD) for a powerfully & deeply penetrating SURROUND SOUND.

SPEAKER COIL uses newer engineering, form fitting shape, lighter weight and human contours for better fit. The length of coil is optimized for the bandwidths used and is a hollow circle for placement over neck or limbs.

This FOCUSED VIBRATIONAL SOUND VORTEX can vibrate at 200 volts, 1800 watts, tolerates  high resistance at low frequencies without overheating, and thus may improve delivery with excellent tolerability and no reported adverse side effects.

App (BetterGuide)

The BetterGuide app is an efficient voice analysis self-monitoring technology that measures the changes in vocal cord stress reflecting irregularities and patterns in the body’s systems. Our app decodes your scans into a personal wellness biometrics for you to track your body pattern changes.

  • Analyzes and translates voice stress into usable data
  • Identifies patterns and ranks system priorities
  • Sends ideal frequency codes unique to the individual
  • Runs on Android tablets

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Studies show the effectiveness of PEMF Machines for:

  • Anti-Oxidant Stimulation
  • Improved Nutritional Uptake
  • Cellular Energy Improvement, ATP Production
  • Enhanced Cellular Oxygenation
  • Reduced Sports Recovery Time
  • Detoxification
  • Improved Microcirculation

Studies show the effectiveness of BIOFEEDBACK for:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Discomfort Relief
  • Positive Behavior Reinforcement
  • Mental Focus
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Cognitive Improvements
  • Neuromuscular Re-education

Create new possibilities in personal wellness.

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