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Everything is sound


What are PEMFs?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, which are nature’s beneficial EMF energy fields (below 10,000 Hz) widely believed to improve circulation, cell metabolism, ATP production and more.

There is ample research available on PEMFs on where you can look up the thousands of proven effects of PEMFs and their applications.

“More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the effects of PEMF. Many of the initial studies have been carried out in Russia and Eastern Europe, but more and more research is now taking place in the United States. Worldwide, more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, as well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function”

- Bryan A. Meyers, “PEMF: The 5th Element of Health”

Sound holds life together

It’s hard to argue against the fact that music makes you feel good, but can sound vibration actually shift your body? Everything in nature is interconnected with frequency and sound vibration. Sound is the basis for form and shape and the component that holds life together.

From the microscopic to the galactic, our universe consists of remarkable patterns made up of forms and shapes. Sound is also made up of patterns but they are usually only heard and not seen.


Sound can be visualized to better understand the way it works. The science of Cymatics vividly demonstrates how inert substances can be “brought to life” when stimulated by audible sound frequencies. In the video below, it’s illustrated that the source of all creation is sound vibrating and so the source of all matter is vibration.

Click to watch Evan Grant’s TED Talk on making sound visible through cymatics.

Tune up with nature’s sounds

BetterGuide, the AmpCoil’s powerful sound - tone generating App includes biofeedback voice analysis. With the integration of biofeedback, BetterGuide is able to inform the sound vibrations the body may benefit from. In response, it delivers harmonizing sound patterns back to the body.

Associate Professor and Director of Music at Skidmore College, Anthony Holland, held a groundbreaking TEDx Talk called “Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies”. He told the audience his dream is to one day see a future where children no longer have to suffer from the toxic effects of cancer drugs or radiation treatment, and he says he believes his team may have found the answer in resonant frequencies.

He told the audience his dream is to one day see a future where children no longer have to suffer from the toxic effects of cancer drugs or radiation treatment. Click to watch his TEDx Talk about how the answers may be in resonant frequencies.

Whole being wellness support

A safe, fast, natural and effective whole being wellness support option.

The AmpCoil is a non-invasive PEMF sound technology that brings the body back in tune, vibrating in its original, pure state faster than you might expect.

PEMF supports whole being wellness, which is in harmony with nature.

PEMF is used extensively with athletes for enhanced recovery and performance, and to treat sports-related injuries. It can also be used to support enhanced wellness.

Visit to explore the proven effects of PEMFs and their applications.

Connect with the wisdom of your body

Modern civilization is experiencing an environment that is vibrationally “out of tune” with nature. Each of us has an inherent, internal desire to keep this energy unblocked and remain in a state of balance and vibrational homeostasis. AmpCoil is a modern system incorporating sound technology for retraining, balancing and harmonizing the human being using sound delivered through PEMF.


Advanced sound technology. Now Simplified.

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