Summit Videos

Below are videos from our 1st Annual Summit with AmpCoil owners. They provide more insight into AmpCoil, the people behind it and how the technology works. Enjoy!

AmpCoil story with Aaron & Geneva Bigelow and AmpCoil team introduction

Process of Transformation Part 1 with Deborah Drake

Process of Transformation Part 2 with Deborah Drake


What to expect at next year's Summit

  • How the AmpCoil was developed
  • How each AmpCoil system component works (Voice Analysis, Bioresonance, Tesla, PEMF, Sound)
  • BetterGuide usage for a variety of health conditions
  • What happens when you click “Begin Journey”?
  • Relationship between vibration and your health
  • Our alignment with the Wellness For Humanity Foundation
  • Overview for AmpCoil Ambassadors
AmpCoil users feel like Soul Family. There is a common dedication to becoming all we are created to be… a vibration that heals the world. Being with 100 people of like mind and heart is a dream come true
— Founder, Aaron Bigelow