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AmpCoil Experience - Avery

Avery couldn't imagine ever being able to move, eat or to enjoy life. That changed after she discovered AmpCoil.


AmpCoil Experience - Jocelyn Elaine

"Literally everything about my life has changed. What AmpCoil has given me, my miracle moment...is my life back."


AmpCoil Experience - Joel and Lynnelle

Joel was finding it hard not being able to help his wife who was suffering from Lyme Disease symptoms. After using AmpCoil, she has found a lot more joy and less pain. It's been remarkable for Joel to witness her being part of the family again, long term.


AmpCoil Experience - Ken

Ken worked outdoors and came down with Lyme. Nothing was working.


AmpCoil Experience - Joy

Joy discovered AmpCoil in 2016. Prior to that she became ill from chemical poisoning. AmpCoil helped her recover and rebalance. Now she is taking it a step further. Shift Happens. See how AmpCoil can help you. Demos available across the US.


AmpCoil Experience - Elaine

Elaine suffered from pvc/pesticide poisoning, and has slowly worked through some of the issues. She had a profound experience after using the AmpCoil and began detoxing and feeling better immediately. Now she is getting back to helping the world through agriculture. Shift Happens. See how AmpCoil can help you.


AmpCoil Experience - Gary

AmpCoil PEMF with BetterGuide has been adopted by wellness practitioners like Gary and his clients.


AmpCoil Experience - Anna

"I stopped almost all supplements, and it's come through in amazing ways for us."


AmpCoil Experience - John

John uses his AmpCoil daily and calls it "soothing." It has given him strength and reduced his need for a cane.


AmpCoil Experience - Emma

Emma has Lyme Disease and was able to get back on her feet after a couple months of using AmpCoil.

"I'm able to contribute to my household and community like I wasn't able to.


AmpCoil Experience - Donna

"It is gentle, powerful and user friendly. I feel better. Everyone should have one."


AmpCoil Experience - Daryl

Daryl's energy has shifted and feels a "nervous system" reset.


AmpCoil Experience - Katherine Abby

Hear Katherine's powerful story about when she avoided a defibrillator.


AmpCoil Experience - Lynn

"I use relaxation Journeys when going through stressful periods and have been amazed...it was just wonderfully calming."


AmpCoil Experience - Alexa

Alexa got her life back...health and relationships.

"You deserve to wakeup without pain, you deserve to go to sleep without being afraid."


AmpCoil Experience - Illiani

Illiani's reason for using the AmpCoil are to stay healthy and re-balance. She had heard it helps friends who had pain, restoring vitality. See how AmpCoil can help you. Demos available across the US.


AmpCoil Experience - Devon

Devon had to wait a long time for a proper diagnosis with lyme disease. After many types of treatment, she was still getting sick. Then she found AmpCoil through a group, and was immediately helped from a demo. Devon continues to be helped with AmpCoil. Shift Happens. See how AmpCoil can help you.


AmpCoil Experience - Michon

Michon wanted try an AmpCoil based on an experience from a friend. After her first session, she was free of pain. Shift Happens. See how AmpCoil can help you.


AmpCoil Experience - Corrine

After Corrine first tried the AmpCoil, she didn't want to return it. She gives a lot as an Acupuncture practitioner, and finds she gets recharged with AmpCoil. "It brought my life back" See how AmpCoil can help you. Demos available across the US.


AmpCoil Experience - Rainey

Rainey was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and has spent 6 years trying to get help. After using her mom's AmpCoil for a month, she felt like a different person.


Ampcoil Experience - Linda

Linda and her 5 children have Lyme Disease. She is seeing results from sessions with the AmpCoil.


AmpCoil Experience - Kathleen

Kathleen had "lyme brain"...and was in a rage with constant pain. In just a few weeks with AmpCoil, it felt like she was coming out of a cocoon.


AmpCoil Experience - Kathy

"Brain Reboot is my go to."


AmpCoil Experience - Elizabeth

"I had a tremendous shift and all of the anxiety and depression vanished."

"I feel like I'm getting my life back."


AmpCoil Experience - Christine

"The IV treatments, the doctors appointments, it all is so much compared to the AmpCoil."

"AmpCoil has given me hope and a conception of a future."


AmpCoil Experience - Jackie

"The biggest thing that people see is hope."


Ampcoil Experience - Jordan

Jordan has lyme. She has also received her life back after using the AmpCoil.

Please listen to her powerful story.




I purchased an AmpCoil after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and after just a few sessions I knew it would be instrumental in my recovery. Now fully recovered, I continue to coil for common ailments or when I need a boost! This technology is the way of the future.
— Heather M, Sydney Australia
have been using an Ampcoil for about 3 or 4 months and have found the outcome pretty remarkable. I have several clients I have used it with that have severe depression and if we run the “Positivity Journey”, they can move through their day in ways that they haven’t been able to for quite some time.
— Kari Uselman
I met my partner about a year and a half ago and she informed me that she had her 20 year old son living at home, suffering from Lyme disease. The AmpCoil was discovered and what a difference it made for him in a short period of time. Seeing him start to experience life, having friendships, working again, being a social butterfly.
— Joe Lindsay
I have had the AmpCoil several months and I came from a place of having migraines two or three times a week. I am now able to function normally and go about my day and not be stuck in a room, in the house, for hours and days. Actually my whole entire being has really changed.
— Lynelle Wampler
I was having long term migraine headaches. A friend of mine gave me one treatment with the AmpCoil. Within a few hours the headache disappeared and it was gone for two weeks. I had another session over a month ago and the headache has not come back.
— Paul Doyan
My son, Alex, is 21 years old. He came down with Lyme disease in 10th grade. Before the AmpCoil, we had a few years of ups and downs, but it seemed like nothing would stick. In the past 6 months since using the AmpCoil, his quality of life has dramatically improved.
— Susan Monticello
I purchased the AmpCoil about 3 or 4 months ago and I’ve been using it consistently. I noticed that I woke up one morning and I had this sense of this lightness and it’s this type of lightness that I imagine how a child is when they get up in the morning and they are just free.
— Susie Crawford

Facebook Reviews

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I’ve had an Ampcoil for three months, and It’s changed my life in so many ways. Not only is my overall health and quality of sleep improving daily, but my home has become a healing center of sorts for friends and family, who come over for ‘coiling’ sessions almost daily.
— Luke Storey
I’ve been using the Ampcoil for a few months now and am very happy with the results. I have had success using the device for both acute issues such as brain fog, headaches, etc.. as well as for more underlying health issues. I truly believe this technology is the future of health and wellness!
— Heather Culp
My grandson was having some issues concentrating in school. He had an AmpCoil session and his teacher told my daughter that he was amazed how he was able to pay attention so much better. I’ve been taking allergy medicine for over 15 years. I did the “Airway” program 3x and I haven’t taken the medicine since!
— Terry Warren
Loving my AmpCoil ... balanced a skin problem right up.
— Sharon Kufeldt
The AmpCoil is how I have healed from severe illness last year and am healing myself right now! Super powerful, potent and effective, more than anything I have found so far!
— Sunshine Beck
I have chronic fatigue syndrome and it feels like it is blowing a life force energy into my cells.
— Suzanne Origen
Loving the results I see in myself (increased energy) and my clients!
— Marianne Klemm Schneider
I see a future for tech like this making the world just that more healthy. Great job to AmpCoil!
— Kreg Pierce
I have had irregular heartbeats for most of the year now and I have been taking medication for it. After using the AmpCoil, my heart was regular for one week. I need another session because it is great!
— Harvey Bigelsen
AmpCoil is amazing. Attending the Summit was a great education. Looking forward to bringing this into my wellness spa. Thank you.
— Terry Mcgreevy
I have noticed an even higher vibrating effect on my life. I feel an increase in vitality, clarity, and awareness of the connection of nutrition and wellness. Looking forward to connecting my clients with the AmpCoil!
— Tanya Fuller
I have had Short Term Memory Loss problems ..... had heard great thing about AmpCoil journeys and finally got a chance to experience it..... Great product and I am impressed.
— John Morningstaur
The AmpCoil is amazing! We have been treating people holistically for years and this is the fastest way that we have seen to get people healthy in a safe and effective way! We have seen major colds and flus go away within 2 days which is the fastest I have ever seen that happen!
— Nutra Organa
What a wonderful experience! The caring and love to help us on our wellness journey is greatly appreciated. Forever grateful for the AmpCoil experience.
— Frank Andresen
My first experience running a few journeys for a client was nothing less than miraculous. My level of excitement for the possibilities to help an entire population of Lyme sufferers here is formidable. Thank you to all involved for your vision, dedication and brilliance. Well done!
— Faye Brandmaier
I have clients slowly and fragilely walk in for a treatment and leave laughing with a pep in their step and hope for their future!
— Lisa Davis Franklin
When I left home for the AmpCoil Summit, I walked out of my old life and into my new one. Never before have I been with so many high vibrating, heart-centered and brilliant people flowing love and light for the good of humanity gathered in one place.
— Merilee Cameron
We have 8 children, and 5 of them have experienced severe symptoms of Lyme disease for the past 3 1/2 years. We have been using the AmpCoil for 6 weeks now, and it has brought so much relief for them! We have tried so many different treatments, and we are so happy that AmpCoil has been better than all the treatments.
— Anna Ruhl
I have used the AmpCoil device a couple of times. I am at the Summit and just purchased my AmpCoil. After my sessions, I felt more balanced. I recommend that you find someone who has an AmpCoil and try it.
— Arlene Eisenstein Gronningsater
I’ve had chronic Lyme disease for 10 years. The AmpCoil has been the easiest/most flexible treatment I’ve ever done. I’ve seen a lot of help for me in the areas of mental functioning and mood. I’m actually only taking one pill (an allergy medicine) right now and I’ve never taken only one in I don’t know how many years!
— Christine Veiga
I felt a sharp sting on the inside of my wrist and realized I had been stung by a wasp. I thought of the Pain Release program. I placed the sting area right on the coil. By the time the program finished the pain was decreased by 80%
— Katherine Presley
Blown away! This thing is amazing! Was a little skeptical to say the least, but have seen absolutely astonishing results on family members! So much so that I have to get one too! If your considering it at all, I would strongly suggest that you try a session.
— Joe Lindsey
My husband and I have been using the AmpCoil daily for one month now, and so far it does everything the company claimed it would do. The other PEMF, Rife and Doug coils on the market are much more complicated to set up and figure out how to run, in our opinion.
— Gino and Anne Vendetti
“I’m totally on a whole other vibration and am feeling so much better. So many healing miracle opportunities have been showered in my life and I am so excited to finally be helping everyone with the AmpCoil now.
— Jem Jerica