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BetterGuide / AmpCoil Instructions


Written overview for our app BetterGuide and basic AmpCoil device setup. Includes basic instruction on the following topics:

  • Creating your account
  • Voice Analysis
  • Basic app features
  • AmpCoil device setup
  • Journeys
  • Your Detox Journey
  • Ordering Detox Supplements
  • App Installation

Video Tutorials

Please play through the following videos to ensure that you get the most out of your AmpCoil experience.


1. Welcome to AmpCoil

The perfect place to start once your device arrives. Explains setting up your tablet and tablet usage.

Click the play button to begin.



2. Better Guide Tour

A complete tour of the BetterGuide App

Click the play button to begin.



BetterGuide -
How to Download/Install

How to download and install our app from Google Play into your tablet.

Click the play button to begin.



Whats new with BetterGuide

A walkthrough overview of new app features.

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Printable flowcharts and documents

Flowcharts for your reference


General Detox Steps #1-30


Voice Analysis Flowchart

4X Formula Flowchart


Starting Your Cleanse Flowchart

10X Formula Flowchart


Additional resources 



If you are in need of advanced support please download TeamViewer QuickSupport so that we can assist you further. Click the button to download (make sure your downloading to your tablet)

Asus Add-On for QuickSupport

If you have an Asus tablet you will need to download and install an add-on for the QuickSupport app. Click the button to download.