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Meet Trekker aka "trkr"

14.66" x  10.24" x 6.12"


Buying Options

Limited introductory pre-sale pricing offer. 

Pre-sale pricing offers:
$10,850 until Summer 2018

The retail of price of $12,850 will kick in Summer 2018. 


We expect to ship the new devices in 90-120 days from the first week of ordering. However, the devices could ship sooner. Devices will ship in the order they're received. 

Financing Available

Available for U.S. residence only.  Interest-free financing available for 12 months. To learn more, call us at (415) 231-2971.


AmpCoil Support is provided during U.S. business hours PST and in English only.  If repairs are required, customer is responsible for shipping charges to U.S., or to the nearest available repair facility.


trkr Features

Lightweight and small.– 20 lbs. compared to the 37 Ibs. of the current model (and two-thirds the size). Fits into carry-on luggage. Dimensions:
14.66" x  10.24" x 6.12"

Use it Anywhere in the World.– Smart transformer reads the power source (110 volt in the U.S. and 220 volt elsewhere) and safely stabilizes the voltage during conversion.

Dim it Down.– Blue LED light can be dimmed down from full illumination to low light to reduce blue light at night.

Built-in USB Charging.– Port on faceplate can be used while the device is active.

Bluetooth (optional).– Choose to use the tablet’s auxiliary audio cord to direct signals into the amp or operate BetterGuide app via Bluetooth.

Coil Indicator.– Coil includes LED indicator, showing power flow through the coil from the amp.

Power Display.– Observe the flow of power through the device.

Same Great Performance.– The re-engineered boards make intelligent decisions using the latest technologies, while providing the same beneficial experience as the original model.

Built-in Tablet Stand.– Rail on faceplate allows the tablet to lean against the raised lid during use.