Share Your Story

Ambassador Video Testimonial Sharing Opportunity


There’s nothing more satisfying than sharing a success story from your heart. Many people find that sharing their story feels good because the very act of authentically sharing a personal success from a place of passion, inspires others. As an AmpCoil owner and Ambassador who has had a transformative experience, we believe you have a desire to help others. We can’t change people, but we can be an advocate for transformation for others, and an example that anything is possible!

AmpCoil’s Share Your Story initiative for Ambassadors has been created because so many of you continue to ask us what is the best way to spread the word about AmpCoil’s benefits. Many of you have shared your stories on Facebook and with individuals — that has had a huge impact! Now, we want to offer you another opportunity to share your story, and this time with a larger audience, with the goal of helping hundreds if not thousands of people learn about the benefits of AmpCoil!


Share your Story on Video

By sharing a 60 to 90-second video testimonial, we promise you the warm fuzzies on the inside, but we can also offer you more. Here’s what you get for participating:

For the first five (5) who choose to participate:

You will be given exclusive access to a LIVE 90-minute BetterGuide Support/Training and Q&A call with Founder Geneva Bigelow, Support Manager Lori Marcus, and Dr. Deborah Drake. You will be able to ask any of these experts questions you’ve been wanting answers to, and to receive deep insights into BetterGuide.

For Ambassadors who sign up after the first 5 participants, there will be a second LIVE 90-minute call, which you can join.

You will also have your video testimonial to share with family, friends or anyone you would like to personally inspire!

Guidelines on how to participate

  1. Email Jara Fairchild at to request participation. Please offer best times when you’re available to schedule an online video call.  
  2. We will respond and schedule a 10-minute call with you and provide directions. Remember: We’re only seeking a short testimonial so the call will be short.
  3. Sign the video consent form. Click here.
  4. Follow the steps below on how to prepare for the interview:

Preparing Your Space

  • Clear clutter. Set yourself up with a clean background. Remove clutter that will show up behind you on the screen (test this by taking a picture of your intended space and see what others will see).
  • Move to a place in your home where you know the WiFi is strongest. Also, since there's a finite capacity on the connection coming into your home (or office), close all other programs you may have open.
  • Light up yourself. Place yourself in good natural lighting, if possible. Wear solid colors if possible. Avoid all black or all white clothing, or any distracting prints.
  • Turn up the volume on your computer. When we call you, we will do a sound check. Don’t worry if we have to redo, we want you to feel very good about your video testimonial.

Preparing What to Say

We will ask you a few questions including the following:

  • Please state your name, where you’re from and how long you’ve used the device.
  • What was your life like before AmpCoil or why did you decide to purchase it?
  • What has been your experience using AmpCoil? What are the benefits you’ve noticed? For example, you were able to get your life back, you like using it in the comfort of your home or detoxing has been easy with minimal reactions, you can get out of bed, etc.
  • How has your life changed since using the technology? What were your symptoms (or your family member’s), and how have they improved? What observations have you seen among your family members or your clients? Generally speaking, how has your life improved? Do you have more energy? Improved digestion? Off medications?
  • Please share your cost savings from the reduction of healing therapies, medications, supplements, doctor's appointments, etc. 

Once you’ve completed your testimonial, we’ll edit it down to approx. 90-seconds and post it to YouTube. The testimonials will be used on our website, during acquisition conversations and shared on social media.

Finally, we’ll be in touch to let you know when the LIVE 90-minute call will be scheduled.

Thank you for considering using your voice to help support this mission of wellness!