AmpCoil Overview

There are many paths to wellness... With one ultimate destination.... A positive shift in your VIBRATION. 


AmpCoil Backstory

Founder, Aaron Bigelow discusses his experience with Lyme Disease and his drive and vision to overcome his challenges.


How BetterGuide's Voice Analysis works

BetterGuide Developer Deborah Drake discusses what biofeedback is, how voice analysis works, and how we're essentially using Mother Nature to tune up the body.


How the body is tuned up using vibration 

Deborah Drake discusses how the AmpCoil is vibrational therapy. She compares the human body to an orchestra, sharing how the body's systems can be tuned up to allow the body to work harmoniously in concert with itself.


How to cleanse microbes, metals, toxins and improve Bioterrain

Deborah Drake outlines how the key to homeostasis is to shift the Bioterrain. The AmpCoil supports the body to cleanse not only by neutralizing microbes, metals and toxins, but also by pumping the body with good vibrations to build up organs, nutrition and minerals.


BetterHealthGuy PODcast

Episode #69: AmpCoil with Aaron and Geneva Bigelow

Published on May 1, 2018 by In this episode, you will learn about the delivery of frequency and vibration in support of optimizing health with the use of the AmpCoil.