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new update

BetterGuide v4


We have great news!

You have a BetterGuide App update waiting for you.
Your update will be available when you log into your BetterGuide account and choose a profile. You may download it by either tapping on the update pop-up or by tapping on the “update available” button at the top left of the page next to the software version number. 


  • Always tap on the red “update available” tab whenever it appears.
  • You must be connected to the internet to receive updates.

Introducing "Humanizer"


Here’s what’s new!

AmpCoil has created an enhancement to the BetterGuide App called the "Humanizer". The Humanizer optimizes the delivery of bass and treble through the AmpCoil, providing enhanced coverage for tones that support brainwave entrainment, as well as delivering an extended-range and distortion-free PEMF output.
This outstanding proprietary improvement in AmpCoil technology balances the bass and treble output to provide an improved coiling experience for all users.

As we move forward and improve delivery systems with clearer frequencies and the addition of our “Humanizer”, emitting sound, heat, and vibration will no longer be a factor.

This is important to note: Our original customers may have become accustomed to gauging proper operations of the AmpCoil by the sounds and heat coming from the coil. You will no longer hear sounds or feel frequencies emitting from the coil.

Through our programing and design advances, we have been able to reduce and eliminate the leakage of frequencies through the coil that were previously heard as sound and felt as heat emanating from the coil during use. Eliminating leakage allows us to deliver the full strength of frequencies. True PEMF delivery is the use of magnets to create pulsing and the movement of energy. This is what drives the AmpCoil, not the sounds or heat from the coil that you have heard or felt in the past.


More on volume:

Running cleanses on HIGH can be stressful on the nervous system and should only be used on an acute injury for 30 minutes maximum. 

You will no longer be able to gauge if the coil is operating properly by sound, heat or vibration. The Sound check has been enhanced in the BetterGuide App to provide a true “test”. Just play and listen.
If you experience any stimulating effects, please select the low volume setting and know that your cleanse results will not be compromised.


Other NEW additions and fixes:

  • 2 new items in the Vitality Items Vitality 43 & Vitality 44
  • The addition of a new menu items in Navigation (side menu) named “Settings”
    • Adjust the volume of the End Journey gong.
    • Turn the “Begin Journey countdown” (1-15 sec.) to ON or OFF.
  • The addition of HHV-6 and HPV into the A-Z library.
  • Fixes to the history bug, pause issues and internal enhancements.

If you have any issues with this update please let us know through the “talk to us” feature in your BetterGuide Navigation menu or at 


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