new update

BetterGuide v4


We are very happy to announce the release of the latest BetterGuide update. There are many changes within the app that you’ll be able to see and lots more behind the scene in programing that will provide a more stable application.

Update your app at the bottom of this page once you read through the changes.

The most visible change is the volume settings. The output and quality of the frequency delivery has significantly increased, therefore we have changed the recommended volume settings for coiling to maintain optimal coiling results. 


Volume Change:
50% volume in the updated app is equivalent to 100% in the previous release

The recommended volume for best results is:

  • High(short term, injury, athletes) 70%
  • Medium volume (general usage) 50%
  • Low volume (sensitive -immunocompromised) 20%
You will see a pop up at the beginning of each journey that looks like this

You will see a pop up at the beginning of each journey that looks like this


Is higher volume better? In sound therapy this is NOT the case. What feels better to you... Listening and relaxing to nice music or having it blast so loud that you can’t think or relax because of the stress on your nervous system? We understand that this is a new concept for many as we have been recommending usage on high volume. Remember, you will achieve the same results at 50% in the updated app as as 100% in the previous release. High volume is only intended for short-term use for those in good health. Most users will select 50%. Electrically sensitive or severely immunocompromised will select 20% and work up to 50%.


There will be LESS sound and/or heat omitted from your coil. This does not affect results.

Is my coil working? Because there will be less sound and heat coming from the coil, I’m sure some of you will wonder if your coil is working properly. FIrst, remember that the amp meter on your device box is not a good indication of a working device as many of our frequency patterns do not register. Therefore, use the convenient Sound Check in Discover. Play it on high volume to listen for audible tones to confirm your coil is working properly.


More features in the update!:

A-Z library - Most exciting is the addition of an A-Z library found within the Cleanse voice scan and Cleanse Album (Deep Section). This represents the beginning of an expanding library containing items available to self-select from known and diagnosed conditions. You’ll find many Lyme, autoimmune, and neuro-degenerative microbes listed here. These items are not tied to your voice analysis.

Better Timer - All timer issues in Cleanse are fixed along with bug repairs in the History
Enhanced in-app instructions for Cleanse and Organs

Descriptions - Enhanced descriptions for journeys

Skip - A “skip” button for voice analysis along with some other surprises.


IMPORTANT: New instructions and a QuickStart Guide can be found at These are ALL NEW and reflect the new recommendations for coiling. Please print them. 


If you have any issues with this update please let us know through the “talk to us” feature in your BetterGuide Navigation menu or at